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  1. You should attack his points, if you can, not the style he wrote them in. I agree that the puzzles are not even puzzles. They are super easy. I know because I'm not super good at these games and I get stuck a lot with harder puzzles, like most recently in Deponia. This game lacks red herrings, and the number of objects are kind of low. I like the art style, especially in cloud city. That was beautiful. I don't mind that humor is not as heavy as it was in the Monkey Island games. I totally didn't expect the game's story to take such dark turns (like when you understand what a Maiden's Feast really is). I don't get the point of celebrity voice actors (don't they cost a lot?), when you don't interact with their characters for long (you only had to talk once to Harm'ny). I hope Act 2 puzzles are harder than these.
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