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  1. Well, that's a coincidence! I haven't been on the forums in ages, but I've been sporadically saying stuff in the Fig comments. I wanted to post a comment with an image in it, but couldn't, so I turned to the forums instead. Looking for which thread to pick, I came across yours. What I wanted to say is: the figurine looks great! And the same goes for the earlier rewards! The velvet poster is really awesome, I had never seen anything like it before. And the t-shirt looks totally epic. People recognise it as well! I'm really happy about the rewards and looking forward to what more is in the pipeline. Obviously I'm looking forward most to the game itself, though! I put the figurine next to its older brothers and sisters that were sold in the Double Fine Action Shop. No time might have passed between Psychonauts 1 and (Rhombus of Ruin, ~) Psychonauts 2, but I couldn't help but notice how much the little guy has grown! I put my original figurines on a pedestal not just because of my great regard for Psychonauts, but primarily because they were incredibly instable and very brittle. Had several breaks in the figurines before I glued them down.
  2. I'd totally buy and install a flag pole just to be able to hang that in front of my house!
  3. Yes, I would also totally buy DOTT merchandise! In fact, I'd like to get some things from the DF Store, but since I payed $ 48.00 in shipping last time I ordered there, I would really prefer to combine as many items as possible! So if there is a chance of DOTT merchandise, I'll hold off on ordering until that is available.
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