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  1. Yeah you are right i tried it but found it average for that reason.
  2. Ok, so i dont know if Double fine would/could do those games, but there are games that i hope to see one day on pc, and i would like to talk a bit about them. 1A good hack and slash: the request may look weird, since Double fine in its descriptions states they focus on history. I had a lot of love for Diablo, but unlike many players, i enjoyed mainloy the atmosphere, more than the gameplay itself, and the dark/gothic background. When Diablo 3 came, i played it a lot, but i was quite disappointed because the universe was completely different to me. I enjoyed the game more when demons were real demons from Chrsitian lore, that you explored dark crypts filled with skeletons in a labyrinth,etc. Most of hack and slash nowadays use opened environments, rather than closed environments. I have been playing many different hack and slash but i cant find one reproducing a Diablo feeling. I would like to see one day, a hack and slash that would be really dark and gothic,with developed and serious lore. 2A beat them up that would be as good as streetsof rage. 2d beat them up arent that many(shanks is good though), and not many of them give me as much fun as the Streets of rage. I would enjoy a beat the up where you beat punks or one where you kill monsters in a sword and sorcery universe. While there are lots of 3d beat them up and lots of hack and slash i sometimes have the feeling to be the only one looking for games matching my expectations(its a game where you fight but atmosphere must be deep and cool).
  3. The gamergate story and all what happened, so much energy wasted i feel. Regarding Spacebase, perhaps Double Fine did something similar, but i think it would have been nice to give early access players a little something, like a coupon for other games to make up for the lack of content or support. I guess the best way to end negative criticisms would be to develop a new game that would be awesome and as popular as a Dont Starve, binding of Isaac, or any golden indie you can think about.
  4. Hello i have only played so far two double fine games, brutal legend which was ok for me, and psychonauts, a game that is not bad but that i did not complete because i couldnt get in.(the design didnt attract me and i needed more action) I was asking questions about a game that was released recently(prison architect), when suddenly someone posted "Or they might move into 'support' "Double Fine" mode and start on a new project." Apparently the sentence was referring to a game called Spacebase that was abandoned. Some say Double fine does not handle well development of some games, other say they do good but only failed one time, and that angry gamers exaggerated to hurt their reputation. What is the reason of that "poor managment" reputation?
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