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  1. Hell yeah, releasing 2HB would also help conserve the game over time... I would be glad to help fixing and making it standalone.
  2. Through "Save and Exit". However i just noticed that it could have been a low diskspace issue. I was unpacking a lot of stuff in parallel, but atleast one GB of disk was still free. Suspect that there is a percentage kept for root only as in almost any other unix. You might want to catch that by either looking at byte count written returned from the write calls or by reading the save back in and throwing up "Could not save game" or something like that as a normal user might get pissed even if it is his fault :-)
  3. Found them, but no need to post savegames as they are null.
  4. Played a few hours, and tried to load my savegame after restarting, got "The save game is corrupted and could not be loaded." OSX 10.8.3 on an Macbook Air (Early 2013). Would like to post the savegame for you if you want to take a look at it, but could not find it in ~/Library/Application Support Where is it ?
  5. Actually i took half a minute to figure out you should drag items from the inventory. I first tried left and right click and wondered why my cursor did not change to the item ;-) However so far it was the only non intuitive thing. Exiting fast by doubleclicking and stuff works as expected.
  6. Of course. Could those be copied to the iCloud on the mac ? Should be quite easy to implement and would be great for those of us who play on imac/macbook/iphone/ipad. I could even make simple lib/framework or just selfcontained snippets and put it up on github if you want, BSD licensed of course. Schönen Gruss aus Österreich, Stephan