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  1. Not much, to be honest. Work's been hitting really hard lately and a book deal, while fantastic, hasn't helped much for the "free time" department. Currently I have Witcher 3, GTA V, and Wolf Among Us on my PS4. Enjoying all of them very much, but for the most part all I've had time for is a scenic cruise around GTA V.
  2. Or you're probably totally awesome at these types of games! As I said, totally willing to put some of it towards me being more of a puzzle platformer gal.
  3. And just burned my way through a third try. Dealt with freakin' 5 Bulwarks with three of my team dead and found that I had at least four more to get through. Sorta feeling that a few more tries and I'm just going to ragequit. Would appreciate a difficulty setting on this. On easy this could really turn people on to turn based strategy games, and as difficult it would give a lot of the more seasoned players what it needs. Right now...it's just getting to me.
  4. To it's credit it has done something which I have never had happen in TBS games for me before and that's that it made me give a damn about the individuals. I really like that aspect and am looking forward to seeing more. But man, the difficulty going from 1 to 13 is just killing me. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll definitely watch it and pass it on to my friend, who is also having trouble with it.
  5. I'm totally willing to put this down to me sucking at turn-based strategies but...I kind of feel like the game throws you in to the deep end a bit too early in to the game. First encounter is great and fine, but then suddenly I'm getting hit by three exploding monsters and...well, to put it shortly, I can barely imagine any of my heroes making it past level three and that strikes me as pretty crummy. As a casual gamer I;m not really having too much fun constantly being slammed. I dunno. Anyone else having this issue? Is it just a "maybe you're a crappy gamer" thing? Little of both?
  6. Currently playing Chapter 2 of The Journey Down. Loving it.
  7. Diamanda Galas' The Litanies of Satan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbTAF0e2scc
  8. And reading it again, it looks like I did misread it. But also wanted to respond to this: "Guess there is now a dark shadow of disappointment over this childhood memory now :/" That's the thing about people you look up to. They're just as human as us all and are capable of making mistakes just like anyone else. I feel like so many people have this (justified) high standard with Double Fine because Tim was such a huge part of our childhoods. But the dude doesn't know everything and especially when you're getting in to the realms of Early Access or other areas where the gaming industry is just getting in to, mistakes are going to happen. If there's one thing that Double Fine Adventure has taught me it's that the games at Double Fine are made by human beings who love games. Sometimes a project pans out and it's a hit, other times it doesn't work out. If they've learned something from this, I'm cool with holding off on the internet overreactions and accepting them for making a mistake because nothing is absolutely perfect and even Double Fine are capable of not getting it right. Sorry. I guess the crowd of "I'll never buy a DF game again" comments are getting to me.
  9. Yeah that would be great since nobody else really needs the basic tutorial, because dying, repeating and learning was the basic point of fun in this game... since there were no deeper mechanics or story quests or anything. I would have wished that at least a little bit of fantastic humour would be in the game... because that was what I expected when I bought a game from Double Fine which is lead by Ron Gilbert and Tim Schaefer... and I am still a huge fan of Monkey Island and its humour. Guess there is now a dark shadow of disappointment over this childhood memory now I might be misreading, but it sounds like your mistaking what I mean. I'm not talking about tutorial on how to play the game, I'm talking tutorial on how to get in to the guts of the game and make additions. For both this and Hack 'n Slash DF has made a big deal of giving players the source code. A problem, for me anyways, is I don't know how to use it to mess with the game. Just saying a small reach out to non-coders for a VERY brief how-to followed up by links on further reading would be awesome and may very well encourage a growth in game makers!
  10. I've been trying to pinpoint some of my feelings on this. Disappointment is definitely there, but to me this is a problem that can happen with any company, big or small. So I work in the beer industry up where I am and there's a particular brewery. They have a few really, really solid beers out. Aside from that they have an ongoing experimental series, where practically every month they put out a new kind of beer. Wheat wine, ginger beer, etc. All different and interesting flavours with incredible packaging. The problem is...the beers aren't very good. And it's one of those instances where they were so focused on coming out with so many beers as quick as possible and settling for "good enough" that it never hit them to hold back, take a good long look at one of their beers, and tweak it to make it a freakin' GREAT beer that would be worth writing about with praise. And that's what I think happened here. Double Fine has a lot of things going on with, it seems, a lot of people who are wearing different hats at the same time and DF-9 got lost in the shuffle with all that. Plus I think it's a classic example of one of the problems with Early Access. You can have these huge, big, awesome plans for a game, but in the end you're faced with the realities of budget, time, and other responsibilities. While I feel it could have been managed better, I hesitate to call this a rookie mistake since Early Access still has some uncharted territory. Even the big guys can screw up. I will still gladly buy Double Fine games. They haven't lost me. I get that mistakes can happen. All that said, I hope for two things: 1. They give a mea culpa statement. Admitting that it wasn't how it panned out would be great. 2. And this one is important to me: Maybe invest a bit of money on some tutorials on how to use the code to enhance the game? I'm not in to coding at all and with a few DF games that have put the source code out, it'd be great to learn how to use it. I'm not asking for anything fancy, just some tutorials specific to the game with some links to further learning on how to code. This'll also help get people in to game making. Anyways, that's my two cents.
  11. Playing Crawl and having a hell of a lot of fun with it.
  12. No offence, but your friends are very stupid or must be EXTREMELY possessive boyfriends if they think that a girl in a relationship just can't have male friends on her own. Yes. It's possible for a girl and a guy to have a platonic friendship and that's it. So go right back to being a friend.
  13. I would hate that! It's why I can barely game on weeknights. I get a grand total of five minutes of gameplay before a conversation opens up. Some games I can get through it, but Dark Souls? Nope.
  14. Bit of context. I don't game on my PS3 anywhere near as much as I'd like to. It's in the living room, so it's usually always invaded by the parents during the evenings and if I do get in there, they seem to take it as an invitation to sit down and talk with me (which leads me to just put the controller down out of frustration). Weekends are a crapshoot normally reserved for sleep. The goal will be, at some point, to get a small 24" television for my room so I can spend more evenings getting through my backlog. So I've been thinking a lot about, and playing a bit more of Dark Souls 1. I've had it for months and I absolutely adore it, but I've always been stuck on this one area earlyish in the game. Basically it's because I would do one run, die, go back, and then work or something else will require me to turn the console off. So I finally got through the area I was having trouble with. Decided that I could sacrifice some sleep to at least grind some souls a bit and pick up a sword that helped fantastically. And then...I found a save point I didn't know about earlier. So yeah, it took a few months, but the game finally opened up for me. Praise the Sun.
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