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  1. Can you point me to the place where the devs talked about this? I think my main problem is for a few of my playthroughs I've had an entire bloodline become asthmatic, or slow, or both, and then There doesn't seem anything I can do to weed out that trait. I think I would be fine with a 33% chance when a reagent dies you have an option of installing a new bloodline on that throne, Maybe it causes more strife and battles happen sooner, but I'd rather have a small option to replace a bloodline, than no options. I got the point where I had my archers where asthmatic and had a speed of 4, holding up the group. I was looking for a solution. This is what I came up with.
  2. Maybe I'm missing something as well, It's been a while since I tried. Can you put a new bloodline on the throne after the reagent has died? The game always seems to force me to put on of his offspring on the throne.
  3. I agree the balance may need some work, but overall I would love to see the developers implement something similar to this. I just know they may have an issue with just putting them back in the hero pool, and I thought there should be a downside to do it.
  4. After looking at the hybrids now, And playing through a few times, I have an idea for the game The ability to remove a reagent or their spouse. The penalty for this is you have to kill them, you don't get them back. If that isn't enough Don't allow their relics to pass on. Going through with the hybrids having to much of certain mixed classes, or the bloodline is becoming very asmathtic and slow, I sometimes regret my reagent choices. I know the whole idea of the game is to have the bloodlines pass on traits and relics, but sometimes you regret that choice you made 100 years ago, and the ability to remove a reagent would be an option at that time. What do the rest of you think?
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