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  1. I have downloaded that patch here is the issue , the sound is horrible in patch 1.02 and according to the forums one of the patches erases your save file at some percentage.
  2. i found brutal legend cheap for ps3 and bought it , Was shocked to read on the psn forums that doublefine left this game unpatched and broken on the ps3, i wish i had read before buying
  3. Sorry for the late reply , i have checked and only the bonus dlc key is there, would be pretty awesome if steam downloads will come for the video Double Fine Adventure Bonus DLC is what shows up on the bundle page
  4. Pretty strange that they gave the bonus key instead of the main Documentary, oh well i prefer to download the videos from humble instead of steam's streaming, wish steam videos were downloadable
  5. I was checking my dfa bundle page on humble for the videos and i saw that i have a new key called dfa bonus dlc i activated it but not sure what it added ?
  6. If anyone could confirm the requirements it would help a lot , i got burnt pre ordering grim fandango thanks to its steep requirements
  7. so the final episode .... its been one hell of a ride phew from code reds to here . Thanks for everything hope there is a double fine adventure 2 somewhere down the line
  8. Thanks a lot , i knew my faith in the modders rather than double fine fixing this oversight was well worth the wait .
  9. I'm one of those people who can't start Grim Fandango either, but I also understand that 1) I didn't check the system reqs closely enough before I bought it, and that's on me. It's all right there. 2) Software has to keep up with the times. 3) Double Fine actually WANTED to do it without the 3.3 requirement, but 3.3 was the only way they could make it run on all platforms on the time and budget they were given. In other words, it's not like they didn't think about it or didn't care. They know. They wanted to lower it but just couldn't. You're not telling them anything they don't already know. Not that I'm saying your feelings don't matter, but I just want to emphasize that they are quite aware. i was pinning my hopes on some of the modders being able find a way to launch the game without that 3.3 check looks like we are stuck with it
  10. It certainly depends what times of games you play. I picked up a laptop that allowed me to swap in additional components, and it is a decent enough laptop for dual work and play: i7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70 GHz Intel hd graphics 4000 w/ NVS 5200M It runs the types of games I want to play -- Civ 5, EU 4, Cities Skylines, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland 2, Skyrim, and an assortment of other relatively recent games. But if you want to GTA 5, Dragon Age, the new Wolfenstein, or other more intensive games, you are better off with a desktop or a gaming laptop specifically. Smiles anyone buying a decent laptop these days should meet the requirements for a while , its those of us stuck with the intel hd 3000 who have to face the music as intel did not provide that update to opengl 3.3 while the linux driver has that support
  11. I noticed that the witcher 3 guys announced recently that their game has already had more than 1 million pre order sales , how about broken age ? i forgot to notice the top sellers thing on the steam store on the day the game launched on steam. Do we have any numbers ? the game seems to have gotten great reviews do checking the stats of number of people playing the game on steam provide a accurate number of sales ? http://www.gamespot.com/articles/witcher-3-exceeds-1-million-pre-orders/1100-6427243/
  12. Those are some nice retro jabs but i do hope that those who frequent any of the double fine's game support forms do actually notice threads like this a lot in recent releases. http://steamcommunity.com/app/316790/discussions/0/620712999981619944/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/316790/discussions/0/620712999970480783/ feel free to look at the full threads half of the threads are about people unable to launch the game http://steamcommunity.com/app/316790/discussions/0/#
  13. Is this your beta key or your game key? If it's the beta key, it's probably not worth worrying about since the game is publicly available. I'm not certain whether people who received the game via the Humble Double Fine Bundle were sent a key for beta access, but it seems clear that there were some mailing delays (it does also seem like some people missed their email because it was accidentally deleted, hiding in a spam folder, sent to a different address from the one being checked, etc.). If it's your Kickstarter or "slacker backer" reward key for the entire game that you're missing, shoot an email through to support@doublefine.com from the address that your Kickstarter pledge or Paypal payment was tied to! i never received any mail for the beta either , now what should i do to get act 2 , will those people who had activate the game already from humble get the act2 update automatically or is there something else my humble page has nothing related to act 2
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