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  1. I would love an Android version of the game, but porting an iOS game for Android seems to be more of a monumental undertaking than you would think. A lot of the reason that many devs don't like to do it boils down to the negative publicity you are going to get from it. No matter what you do, there are going to be Android devices that won't run your game, and the people with those devices are not going to be happy. The more popular the game, the more vocal those "left out" device users get, and the more they post negative reviews on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. I love Android, but I think I can safely say that, like with any other computing device, the majority of its users are simply ignorant as to how it works, and as such very frequently have unrealistic expectations of what that device "should" do. In the end, some companies just don't want to deal with that kind of backlash until they know with some solid level of certainty that they effort and expense is going to pull a profit, and I can't blame them.
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