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  1. Well, Iiiii, uuhh, I can't see why not...? Fyi, His internship ended last month, and he's now a full-time fartbarners employee at roosterteeth.
  2. Yeah, I know it's only been 1:30 minutes since the estimated 12:01, UTC -5:00 release. I'm a slacker backer, still haven't received an email, and would like to know this as well.
  3. I am a slacker-backer "and should have very little "say" in anything despite this lengthy sentence saying otherwise", and, so take this with as much or little salt as you please. Eat me for SUPPER if you want, for how annoying I am; but, I probably will care because it will be painful to feel, see, and... smell? ;tldnr I agree with the paywall and cut content public release. I also agree with those that will be upset if this does get a public release. I disagree with a poll, because that feels as if you had very little, if any, say with your investment to begin with. ;tldnr Therefore, I do not know. edits: a few grammar edits
  4. More teargas jokes I hope? That one with the lumberjack just made my day.
  5. Mr. Horse seems to have liked it; and, that's saying something there.
  6. In the poll: Where's the Any key? Naw. I chose the escape key cause it's an escape key used in escaping cutscenes, menus, and questionable viewing material.
  7. There's only one exclusive game for Xbone that I'm even remotely interested in: KILLER INSTINCT. That being said, I'd be a happy camper if it, at least, made it to the win 8 apps store for PC. It ain't happenin' any other way. Having two ps3 consoles, one for watching blu-rays and the other for window-shopping in the psn store, is enough. I got the second console for free. Don't ask.
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