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  1. Alright! About time! Finally, I'll get to click a button to recognize insightful or funny posts without having to use my brain to type a creative response.
  2. I'm so glad that there are people like you, Kestrel and Darth, who are willing to write out these paragraphs of clarity in a world of bad information. I salute you two and all others who tread this path of the righteous!
  3. Any chance that we might be able to get a full version of the original soundtrack released as a backing reward? With all these new unlock tiers and such I thought it might be cool if the backing reward of the Psychonauts soundtrack was upgraded to a full version featuring songs like Lungfishopolis Theme, Brain Tumbler, etc.
  4. Captain_Clam


    Nice job! The level concepts totally look like P. Chan's concepts.
  5. 1. More of the original voice actors. So far, only Raz and Lili's actors have been confirmed. 2. Psi-powers must be relearned though 'permits' allowing Raz to use them within HQ. 3. More mental worlds! More crazy environments! 4. Actual character development.
  6. Maybe it's just his fav number. Mine's seventeen.
  7. Anyone have a link lying around to the original full Headlander trailer used in the AF2014 Pitch?
  8. Sp, basically it's Psychic Cheese. Now if only those burgers would finish cooking.
  9. I just bought Iron Brigade the other day on Steam and was super stoked to play it. However, my younger brother got a hold of it and he played though a big chunk of the game while I was away. Is there any way to reset progress in Iron Brigade so I can see the opening cutscene, tutorials, etc?
  10. Spaff confirmed to be self-confirmed as illuminati. But really, this is awesome news for Double Fine! Way to go!
  11. Nope. They are meant to convey sensational emphasis with a hint of sarcasm.
  12. I just completed the game and noticed that the Meriloft Maidens are absent from all ending scenes. While I logically recognize that the artists were reluctant to design new characters for such a brief appearance, I believe that this can also be interpreted as they did not make it off the ship. Are the Meriloft Maidens dead? How can I deal with the absolute trauma created by this shocking event?
  13. So, the Mog Ships capture sacrifices to turn them into parenting AI for the civilization's children? Freaky.
  14. Make it public AFTER the game is released... our reward was simply watching it live!
  15. I'm entirely excited for part 2. With all it's been hinted to be, I just KNOW it will shut up the doubters and the ones who insult Tim, once and for all!
  16. Jerk publishers. Who wants to bet it was that "#newprojects" image we all saw a while ago?
  17. Any chance of there ever being new Whispering Rocks shirts in the store? I've wanted to get one the past couple of years, but they are all gone. Seriously. Every t-shirt I want is out of stock these days.
  18. I have a valid airlock and four recyclers, but only one crew member even considers going through the airlock, the rest ignore it. All rooms are oxygen-filled.
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