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  1. Took me all afternoon to finish this game and wow I am amazed. I playded as Shay first without switching and kinda supected all of this to be *not in space* though I first suspected the whole Marek thing to just be another fake adventure from Mother suited for teens rather than the kiddy stuff you went through first. Vella's story by itself had more impact to me as I could feel the senselessness of her sacrifice and the cheerfulness of the Feast made me sick (good playing with my emotions there) I think this whole Maidens Feast thing is orchastrated by Mother for *breeding* a new child-Inhabitant after the original Shay/Alex put himself in criogenic sleep. Every Marek would be an adult predecessor (hence the costume) to keep Mog Chothra from going beserk while keeping *Shay* safe from being among an unsafe unknown culture of Vella's world. Off course I hope for act 2 to be more surprising and suspenseful. Worldbuiding is done, time to develop the characters.
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