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  1. We played the tourny match with Kirinos/xbigdoser at Deaths Fjord. Ironhead(me) vs Drowning Doom I won. It was a pretty good match
  2. I always have a great start but i always ruin it somehow... Well it was a good game but it could have been better if it wasnt Dooms Mire which i hate most
  3. There ya go.. http://achievementhunter.com/games/guides/brutallegend/
  4. There is a empty giant hole which replaces the relic raiser
  5. Friday looks fine to me.. I PM'ed Pyro and waiting for response
  6. Too bad that Kirinos didnt made it to 2nd round.. But if his opponent is Pyro,its hard to expect it
  7. Im still in. Timezone - UTC/GMT (+2 hours) PSN ID:Belevon Availability: Weekends(10 am to midnight) Friday(10 pm to Midnight) Not Available at: Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday
  8. Never had a chance to make 2 vs 2! Im in... PSN: Belevon
  9. My idea is they should make a limit for fire barons like they did to overblesser.You cant create overblesser more than 1 time. They should make the same for fire barons too!Like a limit of 3 firebarons crew.
  10. Nice work!I guess you spent so much time on writing that thread!
  11. My deuce is fully upgraded.(Probably everyone elses deuce is) Primary weapon is the bolt thrower. Secondary is the one which is shocking enemies with in a large area. Paint job is the wagon bones. My axe is spike quilled axe. Guitar is the high bolt one. (It looks perfect when both of them at eddies back) Mt.Rockmores order is umm Lemmie,Eddie,Ozzy and Mangus!
  12. As far as i know Martyrdom only kills you in AI Practice not in matchmaking mode,but didnt downloaded the DLC yet. (Using screamwagons defence buff is a pretty good idea.)
  13. Dont look for bouncers.. Look for Glitter Fists. Theyre the same
  14. Woah i made a lot of mistakes. EDITED TIPS: -Mix up 2 screamwagons.(1 for defence 1 for attack) -Never concantrate on normal units.Always go for supreme and divine.(Normals are just waste of stock) -Always plant a agony boil to strategic points. -Mix up screamwagons attack buff with your attack speed buff solo.(Massive Damage!) Or you can add a Skies of Alfire for +Massive Damage. Maybe a Bleeding Death can be added??? -Dont use Bleeding Death for defence.(Probably its a known tip) Have fun with the Tainted Coil!!!
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