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  1. Yeah that's what I was thinking, it'd just be really cool to look back at it, help enforce the idea that you have this tapestry that nobody else would have and just share it, show it off if it's some epicly long one or something.
  2. Hehe, well I promise not all my posts will be like that, and hi!
  3. Hehe it's nice that someone read through that, many thanks! It's always nice to know I'm not complete mad when I get the courage to speak up on ideas.
  4. Hit the word count before. So just to add. Sorry for rambling a little, I think I got my thoughts down pretty well . I applaud anyone who got this far! I've probably gotten the wrong ideas in my head what the team are aiming for with the game. A game which I am stoked about and I know will be great even if it's not what I thought it might be exactly. Do keep up the great work everyone!
  5. This is actually my first post on the Double Fine forums. So hey Brad and the rest of the great people on the team. Just watched your 55 minute video, was great to hear just what sort of things are running through your heads right now. Also I think this goes without saying but I have already backed I feel a bit silly putting this up now as it’s clear that it’s all sort of brainstorming ideas and such right now, but I thought I might as well put some thoughts and hear maybe why they just wouldn’t work in your vision. You’ve been great on hearing the feedback about same sex marriages etc. I felt that really cool and how you want everyone to feel connected with the game. And this is why I wanted to just chuck some ideas out there, because I sometimes feel obscure in what I like in games sometimes. So yeah, I want to feel connected to the people and bloodlines and such, that’s part of the great fun of tactic games like this of course. I just personally feel that when it focuses entirely on battle heroes though I can get a little bit bored of them. Let's celebrate the clever support guys/girls too! I know you don’t have these things set in stone yet, or even sand probably You were talking about a marathon mode of sorts, that’d be something I can really get behind myself. I want to feel like I could spend hours on the overworld or whatever the main view part might be, like the XCOM rooms. Help sort of build up a little story for the little guys there in my head. In turn that builds up to the excitement of the next big battle. Now for my ideas on other roles etc. in the game. The numbers don’t actually mean which one I think is more important or anything like that. And please don't get me wrong here, I will indeed want warriors to be dual wielding axe mad people killing everything is his/her path, I can't wait for that! I also apologize, I have seen other threads talking about some of these, like the injuries thing. I just felt the need to bundle mine into one thing. And it’s also very long. Sorry! 1) Characters getting injuries from battle. Of course people will take some health damage, so I don’t mean every time. But say if someone gets an arm cut right off type injury. It will take them a long time to heal up. So a choice for the player. Do you retire them from battles, and sort of burn them up and train them to become a blacksmith who can make certain cool looking and elite stat weapons/armour that are based off their experiences (An orc cut off his arm so he makes an axe that has art of a dead orc and does extra damage to orcs or something! ) but he can only do this for a short time. Or do you need another hero for now? Try to heal him/her up as best as you can, s/he could become a much better fighter against orcs (again for an example) and that becomes part of the bloodline, or the family learns to become superb with one handers, but there could be downsides to that too, he might just die badly in the next fight. I feel like this would help make a tough choice between more short term (blacksmith for quick good weapons) or long term (great fighters with unique stats/traits). 2) Scholars/Science/Research. Do remember you’re preaching to a geeky crowd! I was thinking when you start having babies, a way to introduce science and engineering etc. It would be like, the children are being taught how to fight with axes, but baby Brad can’t be found. You find out he’s been hiding out in the library section or he’s tinkering with bits of wood to make silly little contraptions. I’ve always liked having scientists have research traits too, some are good at theory, others are good on practical and hardware type stuff. I do know of course, the game is focusing on fighters, but personally at least I do like giving these guys some love. I want to breed an amazing Leonardo type now and again! Research and weapons etc. Do often drive armies in terms of how they get better and such. At the start, everybody will be a little dumb, and then as time goes by they’ll get smarter, a bit like when you start studying the alien tech in XCOM. Also another fun idea with this I liked, is just the idea of researching equipment and testing it out in battle and finding out it’s useless. I keep have an image of some poor guy just jumping off a castle wall hoping this odd contraption will make him fly. 3) Tactician - Sort of tied in to the previous point. Although I imagine this one could just end up being an actual warrior trait A child’s fascination for war stories, watching his dad/mother go to battle, wanting to understand how and why, wanting to help protect them somehow. Adored hearing stories of battles that his parents and grandparents were in. Then as they grow up more, they’d ask heroes what went wrong and right in a fight. Would watch formations, see what worked and what didn’t. Start to build up a great intuition/gut instinct for what the enemy will do. Not a leader type necessarily, but helps gives boosts to certain formations etc. Could have him fight to setup surprise flank attacks on enemy. Or sit back from afar and give a map wide boost to vision of enemy units or something. This might also maybe by a helpful person for people who love the idea of the overworld view, but maybe might find the combat side not as easy . 4) A nice tapestry. You mentioned family trees in the video. I live in a town called Hastings in England, there was a famous battle here, the battle of 1066, and something tied to that which is well know is the long Bayeux Tapestry (which isn’t actually a Tapestry I know, but still it made me think of this! ;D ). I really like the idea of having this, to show the highs and lows of things. Like it could take a screenshot of fights and weave it into the tapestry. You could go through it and it would take note of the really special epic battles. “And in the year 12 BTS (Before Tim Schafer). The mighty Falftons first fought The Brads for the first time on the field!” And it would sort of show battle stats and could look back at it. Just helps keep the idea of a story to your particular playthrough. Something cool to share with others to show that one playthrough perhaps? And see the tapestry art progress, can see earlier wars the art just shows swords. Later on the art starts to show arrows and cannons or such. And then it would help show how the science had progressed, maybe the kingdom had a renaissance golden era at one point and that shows on the tapestry as golden linen gets used in parts and those sections are beautifully crafted to it to help show off the really grand times of your glorious kingdom . 5) Spies! Sneaky sneaky ones. In the video you did mention ninjas, that’s the one kind of course, assassin’s. But I was thinking of Game of Thrones and the more insidious info collecting, plotting ones. Now I know that this really probably isn’t in line with your vision of the game, but I thought I would throw it in anyway. Especially with you talking a lot about demons in the video, I’m not sure if you’re planning a small bit where you do fight other people for a bit in the early game. But I was thinking what you could do would be have someone fake defecting to a land. They would get married there and start having children, and the kids would grow to get into positions of power, and start feeding you secret info or maybe start riots in the enemy kingdoms etc. Now the thought I had behind this to not make it overpowered would be a) It would take a long time to raise the kids etc. and b) You would have to give the fake defector information or resources that could hurt you in the short term, but helps him sell himself to the enemy as a defector. Was thinking of big risk - big reward (but not too game changing of course).
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