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    Seg is a game developer and producer formally at Telltale Games and the co-founder of Ümloud!, a children's charity organization and charity concert ( http://umloud.org/ ).
  1. I started at Telltale a week after this episode was released. In the years following, I would work on the Xbox, PS3, and the coveted Wii ports along with countless offerings in various languages. If you'd like another guest that worked on it, let me know!
  2. Great to see Matt Hansen on the case! One of the best producers I've ever worked with! We were on a number of projects back at Telltale including and not limited to the various Sam & Max console ports, Monkey, a few other odds and ends, and especially Puzzle Agent.
  3. Thursday December 6, 2012 DNA Lounge, San Francisco & Online 7pm - Late Night : $10 advance, $15 door : 18+ http://umloud.org/ Ümloud! is a Rock Band night were we focus on performance. This isn't about score, it's about rocking out! And this year Tim Schafer of Double Fine hosts a show to rock your heart out! Over 27 bands will rock the stage and give the best performances of their lives! All proceeds go to Child's Play to benefit children's hospitals around the world! The show's at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, but will also be steamed online for all to see! Band Packages The famous Ümloud! Band packages are on sale now till they're sold out! This package will reserve a song for you on the big stage to perform to the crowd! We'll even though in a snazy introduction by Tim and a gift bag for all of your band members! Remember, this is about performance, not score. Here's one example: Plants vs. Zombies vs. Coulton These packages are at limited supply, so make sure you grab one for your band now! Attend in San Francisco! The event itself is a sight to behold! In addition to seeing all the performances, there will be free-play Rock Band, prize raffle, silent auction, and other goodies! Tickets are $10 online, or $15 at the door. For more information on attending the event and ticket info, look no further than Umloud.org! Watch Online! The show will also be streamed online for the world to see! We'll even have a pre-show with interviews and other special things for you watching at home! Follow @Umloud or on Facebook for more info, and hope to see you all there!
  4. Checking in that I got button #4, Blue/Yellow. Sorry I couldn't add a new one!
  5. Yes, there's clearly a level of discretion at play, but that doesn't mean you have to take the baby out with the bathwater. There's a number of techniques Tim can choose, including the 'wait till everyone is dead' route, though I'd hope for something more sensible. There's a bit of Twain in this request as I'm essentially asking for the contents to be preserved in a library or similar insituation for it's gradual and/or eventual release. While there are many budding efforts in the history of interactive media, I don't know of anyone making a solid effort and capacity to gather and catalog supporting materials in game development directly from developers. Sure, there are efforts to collect final titles, but not so much in the material and stories behind creating.
  6. Finally watched the video and getting caught up. There's one thing I wanted to mention that's important for me to bring up as a game developer. Seeing the notebooks in his office and what he's working on, my imidiate thought and worry is if something were to ever happen to these notebooks. The amount of history contained in these notebooks are in my mind invaluable to the history of this art form. So this leads me to ask: What are Tim's plans to preserve his design notebooks? Fate forbid that something were to happen to the notebooks, but I would be heartbroken if these were damaged or lost in any way. Just as many were heartbroken when Aardman studios lost all historical artifacts in a fire. Decades from now, the contents of these notebooks will be important to the history of the work Tim and many others have made in this art. What I'm asking is to take steps now to insure we as a society will be able to study these texts in the future. To be clear, I'm not asking for the contents to be publicly viewable right at this moment or soon. That's up to Tim alone to decide under what conditions a release like that is right. What I do want is the ability for the contents to be preserved so that they can be studied years from now. This is a much larger debate than just Tim's notebooks. The game industry is so deplorable about preservation that we can't even pinpoint when Super Mario Bros. was released. We can at least start with these notebooks. And maybe this journey will start a larger campaign for all the other notebooks and other artifacts that created the artform we love today.
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