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  1. i like the idea of shaping the evolution of the species on an island, i have wanted a game like this for quite a while, if you were to turn this concept up to 11 it could be the ultimate god game, shaping the species and the environment of an entire planet, i don't expect that, but i do like this concept, i voted for it.
  2. i love the idea of this, the simulation aspect really interests me, dynamic growth and breeding really appealed to me most, plus i like nature and growing things in real life, but it can take so long to do, i voted for this.
  3. how about shay not knowing his parents were real people, that was kinda messed up, does he have some kind of mental illness? or were his parents just seriously neglectful?
  4. after initially being slightly suspicious of the invite for an interview, this thread made me realise it was legit, so i agreed to the interview, it was fun and nice to chat about the subject of crowdfunding and doublefine. if you are asked to be interviewed go ahead and do it it was fun, and not a scam or anything weird, plus you will be helping out another human being by just chatting, or if you want to do it but have not been asked i was told that posting here about wanting to do it will get a response. so why not
  5. They're thinking of doing it free - not a money grab. REALLY??? They want to use exclusive content that we paid for as 'free' marketing material to promote the game. No, don't use the exclusive material that we paid for and was promised to the backers. Find an alternative solution. The experience has been interesting up until this announcement. If the exclusive content is no longer exclusive then I will not return to KickStarter for another experience like this. When a person gives their word, it used to mean something. My feedback to the announcement is to keep your word. You got my attention - this is my first posting to the forums. I can't believe all the sheep in this forum. BAAAAAA!!!!!!! what do you actually gain from it being exclusive? apart from a special feeling
  6. as a slacker backer my biggest feelings about the documentary was that everybody should see it. i generally feel like exclusivity and "for your eyes only" things are BS, the open development style of massive chalice was much better. still you have people that can't be bothered to become informed and watch the videos, so really it will still be an exclusive group of people that have a genuine interest in learning about the development that will actually watch the hours of footage
  7. well as to the rarity argument you could say the same for the hero recruitment button yeah but they are older, so its still just as rare, but it would be easier to find adults than children, in 20-30 years (or so) the same amount of rare cadence resistant people will be born and discovered, but finding a child would be rare maybe if you had more than one sagewrites you could research two things at once
  8. maybe a few special events that give genetic traits that could be bred into your kingdom would be fun, maybe some resistances like "elephant's memory" (resistant to lapses), "enduring youth" (resistant to wrinklers) or "temporal anchor" (resistant to those swapper guys i can't think of the name right now) or perhaps if they survive an attack from those things they have a chance to build a resistance, and pass that down to their kids, or just general gained genetic traits from special events
  9. one thing to point out is that the reason that not everybody can fight the cadence and there are so few families involved in fighting is that only certain bloodlines have a resistance to the cadence. so if there was an orphanage, those kids would be born of a hero bloodline (which is supposed to be rare and why it is hard to find people with the bloodline) it kind of makes the rarity and importance of heroic keeps a bit redundant, because if the cadence resistance is common enough to have an orphanage full of kids with it, why would heros be in such short supply? basically an orphanage full of cadence resistant kids would undermine one of the main premises of the game. it's not like i am against inclusion, but making it easy for same sex marriages and infertile people to have kids would not really fit into the fiction, and actually in a way sort of represents reality when it comes to adoption.
  10. That's the problem! I don't feel like it should overtake reproduction because obviously that would be weird. But the problem right now is that it's SO disadvantageous over regular breeding that there's only opportunity to try out unconventional pairings in really unusual circumstances. I think it would offer more strategic depth if there were more situations where adoption makes total sense. Right now it just seems to constantly punish you for trying it. i think the intention is for it to be punishing, basically the only reason to use it is if you have infertile regents/partners or a bloodline has been all killed, as i said it's a last resort, not a trait slot machine
  11. adoption only have a few uses, if you need it all the time, you have made some bad choices, your goal should be not not need to waste the time it takes to adopt a child, and if you an avoid it adoption is like the last resort, not just something should do often
  12. finding the last bad guy is always a problem for these types of games, and especially with a game with similar map sizes to massive challice, i still had this problem with the new xcom even though the maps were smaller
  13. when i feed it it gave me ostrich vision. i don't like how random this is sounding to be honest, i feel like you should always get the same outcome for choosing the same thing for most of these random events, because generally i am getting the feeling that they are mostly loose loose, and i bet they will probably be modded out for being to unfair by a lot of people.
  14. i think if the sigels didn't overlap the 1+ icon would always be visible, plus it would make them easier to click on Can you level heroes in combat? How do you do that? you click on their sigel then you can look at their stats, and also level up.
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