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  1. I once parked in a handicap parking spot. It's a little worse than that though. Allow me to tell you the story... I was already late to work but I had to pick up the office mail and I didn't have time to wait around for a good parking space or walk across the lot whilst being mugged. So, I parked in the forbidden zone and ran inside real quick. When I came running outside with the mail in hand I noticed a police car parked behind my car. The police officer was staring at my car. Instantly I knew I was screwed. The walk back to my car seemed to take forever. All I could think of was that there was no way out of this. I'm going to get a $250 ticket and a ton of trouble for being so late to work (again). What a wonderful start to the day. But as I was walking to my car I noticed the car next to me (also parked in a handicap spot) had their windows rolled down. So, when I noticed the cop lurching his fat ass out of the car I leaned in and snatched it. Yes, their handicap tag. (Lucky me, they used to only have a number on them. Now they have a picture and name too.) So I get in my car before the cop makes his way over and I set my stuff down in the passenger's seat. He walks up while my door is still open and spoke. "Good morning." "Oh hi." I said trying to play it off. "Do you realize you are parked in a handicap space?" "Yeah," I replied. He gave me this pissy look then and asked if I had a permit. So, I pull the one I snatched from the car out from under the mail and tell him that I forgot to hang it up. I tack on the excuse that it bounces around while I'm driving and its really distracting so I usually just put it away until I need it. Apparently that was believable enough for him judging by his grin and understanding nod and it looked like he was about bid me farewell. But I wasn't done. I told him it really peeved me when physically privileged people decided that the one convenience they allow us wasn't good enough so they go and park in our spaces–"people like that asshole next to me." I pointed at the car I had swiped the tag from and the officer just shook his head. "You're right. Maybe this will make them think twice in the future," he said and waved his ticket book. He moved his car and I was on my way. And so, yeah, I drove off with some poor bastards handicap permit while leaving him or her with a ticket. Hopefully they explained it away in court or maybe to the officer later. Who knows.
  2. Nobody mentioned Darksiders 3? I'm sure another developer could get the Darksiders license but Darksiders 3 as it was is dead.
  3. Man, Iwata knows how to rock that cap. It even matches his tie. If Iwata wasn't so cool I'd think he was a used car salesman. But he's cool. So damn cool.
  4. I was just planning on making DFAF my one night stand for Valentine's Day but I might hang around longer... if its good. *Cue Marvin Gaye*
  5. I have 23 days to play through one or both of the games and make up my mind? Challenge accepted.
  6. That mashup is just crazy enough to work. I might have to go watch the ND just to see what new zaniness Iwata is up to.
  7. this is the most upsetting one. there is a decent chance it will happen but because crytek owns the rights and they're a f2p company now there is almost no chance of it having a story mode That is a terrible shame indeed. Don't say that. Not yet. I still have hope!
  8. And for North Americans, it looks like the prices may translate pretty simply. 250¥ > $2.50
  9. Not everyone lives in the U.S., hotsie. Edit: Using the Fire Emblem site hotsie edited in, I found a list of the Japanese DLC in English. There's a lot of it. It's probably a safe bet to say we will get all of that eventually.
  10. Fire Emblem owners, please let me interrogate you. I'm curious if anyone has bought any of the DLC, how much it costs and how much of there is it.
  11. Don't get so defensive, hotsie. I was merely joking. No need to waste your italics on me.
  12. Says the guy playing on 'Casual' so that nobody in his party dies.
  13. Fire Emblem is all about the perm-death, turn that off and its just another strategy rpg. You are supposed to get attached to your soldiers and recognize them not as another unit on the battlefield but as a person. And when their life is low, you stress out because its not a dainty knock out when there HP reaches zero. Its a permanent consequence of your decisions. You can win the battle but how much are willing to sacrifice? But those moments when you have all of your warrior brethren beside you to celebrate a hard won victory? That is Fire Emblem. Or you can just freak out and reset the game when one of them dies. http://i.imgur.com/uKWpj.png
  14. What happens when the newest page of this thread exceeds the current year? Also, be warned: we're about to enter the gnarly 1980's.
  15. I had no idea the Queen was just Emperor Palpatine in a wig. Also, hey AP!
  16. You mean you don't have to avoid the pressure plates that trigger the spikes? Wow. I did that every time because I though it would kill my comrades. I thoroughly enjoyed the game (3 times, so far), but I agree with Ashhh that the method of obtaining the other endings could have been different. Its a bit too repetitive for the player just for two new pictures and maybe an achievement/trophy/digital pat on the back. ...I'll probably do it anyway.
  17. Mine had a problem installing to an external HDD too. It would hang at about the 40% mark. I just gave up and installed to the internal memory and everything has been fine.
  18. There is no real support for the Gamepad right now but at least we have an awesome Miiverse community.
  19. TL;DR Acefox: "Go watch the Looper special features!" ;P I picked up the iTunes version, so I'm not sure what content they have in common and to be honest I haven't even watched all of them yet. I did really like the detail on the time machine's function to only go back 30 years from the "present". For all the incredible technology they had in Looper's future they managed to make it seem realistic with genuine limitations. Except for that ridiculous "keyboard" Old Joe used. That was terrible. (What if Microsoft made Kinect keyboards?) [spoiler's in white] Well said. That's really the whole movie: possibilities. What if Joe went back in time and fell in love with his own eyebrows? There's a good possibility that there is already a fanfic on that.So, time travel discussion, huh? Alright, I've got one and it still tied to Looper. If there were in fact multiple timelines in play why did Old Joe disappear? He would essentially be an alien to that particular timeline and able to exist outside of the other Joe. Yes that's basically what Scarecrow was saying but nobody has really covered that and the fact that... Okay, make that two questions. If time travel doesn't work on multiple timelines... How is it possible to travel backwards in time if paradoxes can occur? Also, I should probably go back and denote any spoilers in my previous posts. (Sorry!)
  20. I do still wonder how Cid became the Rainmaker prior to Old Joe attempting to kill him and his mother. That seems to imply that there are events preceding this film that set up the loop, either that or its a plot hole. Time travel is complicated bizniz.
  21. I still feel like I need to explain both sides of this argument. I'm not going to take a side but instead merge the two philosophies into my own take. SPOILERS IN WHITE, highlight to reveal. Scarecrow's take:Why did only Old Joe disappear? If Old Joe was killed he would not have been able to go back in time and thus the entirety of the movie's events would be erased. This would leave Joe back at square one. But how to you do that when you are following a linear timeline? Would the entire world just up and vanish–rewind back to a more logical staring point? I think its more likely that there would be a correction of the paradox. This was shown through Seth's mutilation and Old Joe's fluctuating memories. So the only correct solution within the timeline is to erase Old Joe from existence, since it is no longer possible for him to exist beyond that point. The loop is closed permanently because neither Joe exists anymore... that is unless someone comes back in time and stops young Joe. ARGH! Acefox posits that there are multiple timelines at play. And I would be inclined to agree, but I would argue that it is more like one timeline being overwritten over and over again because it doesn't need to be any more complicated (for this movie at least). Everytime Joe travels back in time he alters history. Because every minute before him is now the future. So, he is writing a new timeline. If he dies in this new timeline, everything is still in tact with the previous history. (Unless Young Joe witnesses him being killed. Then he knows how to stop it in the future. Which is how this whole story gets started.) If Young Joe dies it directly interferes with the original timeline. Edit: Wow, I had a really terrible example here. Let me just snip that... OF TEXT> Basically this view assumes that time is always flowing forward and what's done is done. And that the past cannot be changed... without time travel, and to the time traveler that becomes the new present. So actions taken only directly affect the future a la not retroactive. Maybe? Capiche? This place could use a spoiler tag.
  22. I was going to make an elaborate post detailing some of the logic of the movie, but then I found this: