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  1. @ObsessedChannel and others If Double Fine actually wrote something like "We are going to collect usage data to analyze how people solve puzzles. The data collection is as well anonymiced [sp?] as we know how to do and we are using tool X for it." I wouldn't have a problem. But please read what they wrote: No restriction or purpose and they can use of whatever tool they like (Google Analytics is just given as an example in the EULA). And they are not willing to give any promises whatsoever on what their tools will do with the data ("you agree to look solely to the applicable third party and not to Double Fine to enforce any of your rights in relation thereto"). So am I now supposed to ask Google + other unnamed companies on what data they are collecting on me in relationship with Broken Age. @The Nude Wizard and others Thanks. I should have thought of the simpler resolvers first.
  2. I actually read the EULA (yes, I did) and it contains the following sentences: --- snip --- --- snip --- Now this is an interesting twist concerning privacy violations basically saying "We use a third party tool to collect information on you thus we don't have to tell you and if you really want to know you will have to look in an unnamed document stored at an unnamed location." Anyone feeling like Arthur Dent in front of his house? So Double Fine: If you want to collect data, YOU have to tell me what you collect, how you are aggregating it and how you are promising to maintain my privacy. Independent of which tools you are using. Otherwise I will try to resist you. Anyone knows how to block Google Analytics connections on Linux without installing a locale DNS to spoof the FQDN? [Edit] According to post 61 transmission of data to Google Analytics can now be switched off.
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