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  1. After reading TealDeer's take, I'd say that sounds most likely and correct to me.
  2. Hmmm, I assume this doesnt happen to all tear drinkers or it would be to easy to "restore" them. I dunno, its a good question though, I'd like to hear other peoples thoughts on the subject.
  3. Well, I was saddened by the lack of Pantera and Metallica and of course Dio. Also, woulda' been nice to have some AC/DC and I am sure we would have had Fletus faction been in the game. As for new bands, one comes to mind that I just found out about called "Ghost B.C." there alot like old school Black Sabbath.
  4. I "got" Brutal Legend right away, played it on normal my first played through then jumped right in and did brutal. However on the whole I think many people had many of the same problems as you. You cannot play it like an RTS and you cannot play it like a straight action game either. You have to throw away those notions and play it as it is and action/RTS hybrid. You give some good and sinple pointers to help anyone who may not get it. I'm glad you got it! Enjoy!
  5. Right, I agree with the above poster, this is a poor idea. The console release is too old and the pc release alone wouldn't be enough to justifiy such a thing. Brutal Legend 2 is what we need if were ever gonna see more of the BL world. Besides, Elder Scrolls games aside is there really ever any story DLC that's more than a small handfull of hours worth of gameplay? Not really.
  6. I'm glad so many people agree on dungeons. That was the biggest sore spot for me in BL. I've said it sense day one and I know I'm beating a dead horse but damnit hot much better this game would have been with an Eddie solo mission dungeon after every major RTS "boss" fight. When BL was first revealed way back in 07 it sounded like a heavt metal Zelda: OoT, a guitar instead of an ocarina, a hot rod instead if Epona and so forth. I can think of a million awesome ways there could have been cool puzzle solving including puzzle solving would double teams at some points. Domo, you had a bunch of great ideas. Unlocking solos and attacks would have been a nice reward for Dungeons instead of randomly finding them in the evironment. TIM, DOUBLE FINE! Make Brutal Legend 2, NOW!
  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks so much Stacy for popping in to clear everything up. I'm not an artbook buyer but the Brutal Legend artbook has been something I've wanted sense it was announced damn near 3 years ago and I'm so glad to UDON for finally bringing it to us!
  8. Anyone got their copies yet!?! Udon said it would ship late Feb early March!
  9. If I won the powerball and won like 200 million dollars what did Tim say? 30 some million for a BL sequel? Id poney up for half of that cost, hell even 2/3rds of it. Here's to me winning the lotto tomorrow!
  10. Yeah, the most recent Rock Paper Shotgun Tim had said orginally the BL continent was sapposed to be almost twice as big and have an area for another faction (likely Fleetus) and an area for the drowning doom. Id love to see these areas. I wasn't so disappointed in the loss of Fleetus faction but you could really tell in the final game that the tainted coil didn't get the time dedicated to them that they deserved for being the main bad guys.
  11. Not toning down the RTS portions, but ADDING more solo Eddie missions in a more Zelda like style, like the spider queen lair. There could easily be dungeons with slight puzzle solving elements using Eddie's guitar abilitys. Thats what we were really missing out on in Brutal Legend. Also, of course the addition of Fletus' faction (a classic "rock n' roll" type faction) Brutal Legend was just begging to have more Eddie Zelda like dungeon parts and its a pitty it wasnt taken advantage of. Mainly, I just want Brutal Legend: Directors Cut, Brutal Legend with the final couple acts of the game that we missed out on.
  12. Good Metal Gods! I didnt think Brutal Legend could get cooler looking! More, more!!!
  13. It breaks my heart hearing how much more to Brutal Legend there should have been. I always assumed Brutal Legend was "missing" a third act, but I didnt realize that it was missing HALF of what it was orginally planned to be. I assume "Faction C" he is talking about is Fletus' faction and I would have killed to see the Tainted Coil's own home turff. This article makes me happy and yet so upset on what we missed out on. Brutal Legend is my favorite video game, if I ever won 200 million dollars in the lotto, I would easily help pay for a Brutal Legend sequel.
  14. ^ Thank you, that is exactly what I was trying to say but did not have the words to articulate it properly. Its nothing against any genre or any type of music. Its just that id does not belong in Brutal Legend. Very well said my friend.
  15. Awesome info Friendly Neighbourhood Stalker! Good read! And Ziddersroofurry, I think more campaign/story is something we can all agree upon. Pitty its so unlikely. I still am saddened that such an amazing title as Brutal Legend didn't get to be finished as it was properly invisioned. It screams for a third act with the Tainted Coil!
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