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  1. Hi all. I had a decent chance to play the latest build and want to share a few screenshot of the some of the things that jumped out to me and my local opponent: First off, we felt the ball really needs to either get faster as the time or score increases, or the base speed of the ball needs a boost. There were too many times where we would go almost a minute without doing anything. Table01 was great because the points really racked up quickly adding the element of tension which is what makes the game get really fun. However, with the speed of the ball capped out and the map being full of bumpers, it was often difficult to score and therefore the points could get very high before anyone could score (notice the points banked in the image). This could make the points to win threshold very tricky for this map because it could end up being met after one goal. On Table02, the highlight of the map is definitely the ramp. However, it was extremely difficult to hit it during the course of the game. Additionally, the orange bumpers were a bit of a coin flip as to whether the ball would go behind them or bounce away. If the ball did go behind it would come out at an odd angle based on the new paddle directional aiming (see first image below). This combined with the ability to lose your paddle in the geometry made that corner especially tricky (see second image below). We really liked how the level was set up to collect balls in the speed slots but wondered if that could be moved a bit to make it a little less random. Speedster played very well and we loved a lot of the feature that were in the map. It probably could have been a little more clear where the switches were and how to activate the speed pads but we figured them out relatively quickly. With the difficulty of aiming it took way to much time to try to activate the two-step speed pad in the middle of the ramp, but when it happened and the green light turned on, things got really, really intense and fun. Finally, sometimes the spinner can get stuck in the horizontal position such that the ball cannot hit it. One last thing, the obstruct power is way to powerful when it takes up 90% of the screen. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work. The game is actually shaping up nicely and is showing promising signs of fun.
  2. I am not sure if this is the right place to discuss, but I had an idea about the game scoring that I thought I would share. Before that, I just wanted to preface this by acknowledging that I don't really have the skills to help much this project and think that those that are doing the legwork (are amazing and) have more valuable opinions. To me, the core gameplay of pinball is trying to rack up points by interacting with the playing field, while Pong is based strictly on getting the ball passed your opponent. What if we combined the two? What if you scored points for successfully hitting the ball into bumpers, ramps, etc., but also scored points for getting the ball into the opponent's goal? Unfortunately, the only thing that comes to mind like this is Quidditch where the main scoring earns a lower amount of points with a simple goal, but the teams also aim to score a large number of points by completing the ultimate objective. For example, what if hitting a bumper was worth 10 points, using a ramp could be variable depending on the location (say, 50 points), getting the ball into a hard to reach area could get you 100 points, but scoring a "goal" was worth 1,000 points. Maybe the game could be played to 3,000 points? I think this might be a good way to reward the risk of players trying to shoot at the opponent's goal (and also incentives you to pay attention and defend your own goal), but also promote the exploration and use of the entire playing fields. It also could lead to each individual table having very unique playstyles for skilled players. To me, one of the best parts of playing pinball is exploring what makes each table unique and learning how to score the most points. I would be a little afraid that just trying to score "goals" would discourage this exploration. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong location but I wanted to throw in my two cents. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and for letting people like me watch you create.
  3. Hello. Rob here. I go by rheberling or RobHeb around the internet. I don't have many skills to lend for this project but I downloaded Unity last night and, if nothing else, am enjoying lurking around while you all make a great game. I'd be happy to play test if you need it and may try to learn a thing or two during the next couple weeks. I live and work in Seattle in the US and am a big fan of the games industry (mostly sparked by the DFA documentary). Who knows, maybe after this I will be ready for a career change.
  4. Thank you so much to everyone involved. This was an incredible event that provided so much great insight.
  5. Sounds great! Thanks for the response.
  6. I may do thinking way too far down the line, but any chance for some Maiden's Feast DLC levels where you cook for Mog Chothra?
  7. I think some Roman philosopher said this, or something: "What is going to happen? No one can say for sure, but here is my promise to you,either the game(s) will be great, or (they) will be a spectacular failure caught on camera for everyone to see. Either way, you win. What could possibly go wrong?"
  8. I am not exactly sure how I feel about this one. Freaky living dolls and jump scares seriously spook me. However, wobbly physics and potential pushing some unwanted guests down a flight of stairs makes me laugh. I am not exactly sure how I feel, but I'd really, really like to find out.
  9. @James Marion This sounds awesome. I'm really hoping to see this make it through. Good luck.
  10. @Clam Will you be providing your own Mo-Cap for this game or will the animation be old-school (not a serious question)? This idea seems really fun and I'd love to see it get made. Good luck, Chris!
  11. I hate to insert myself in this conversation because I really have no place adding on to what James mentions. However, one thing I liked in the pitch video, specifically at the 11 second mark, is that an "impulsive choice in the middle of a song" almost looks like a decision about what character to move towards (I picture you deciding who you want to sing the next portion of the song to). I also am also not that big of a fan when, in certain games, you need to choose the right dialog options quickly or you fail. I hope that the quick decisions are more related towards where the story might go next so there is no right or wrong answer. I sincerely hope I have not misrepresented either side of this dialog but I was hoping get a quick clarification on that part of the video.
  12. I can totally see where you are coming from. The math and structure behind music is truly mind-blowing (especially to me who didn't really grow up with any music education). However, when I hear classical music I generally think of movement and flow. This pitch makes me think of an orchestra composer's wand moving during a performance. The way it commands the music from the orchestra by moving through space and time is how I see the character in this game idea moving around to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies.
  13. I have to admit that I was more of a fan of the Rocko's Modern Life SNES game, but I rented all of those Nickelodeon games from Blockbuster back in the day (how's that for a sentence to make me feel old).
  14. Would someone be able to help me get a better picture of the role of the players? Would each character be running around bumping the ball trying to send it into the enemies goal (similar to the car's role in Rocket League), or are the characters running around placing bumpers/flippers/etc. to affect the ball or other players? Both of these situations sound incredibly fun and I'd love to hear more about the vision.
  15. Much respect for the Aaaaaah! Real Monsters! influence. This sounds like a fun little game. Great job to everyone involved so far.
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