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  1. No worries. My idea was to start over from the beginning of Act 1, honestly. Well, good then! But now the question is, will you be able to fix it from Germany??? THANKS FOR LISTENING!
  2. Yeah, already tried that. Like ten days ago, still no answer. That's a good idea! We should probably do that after Act II becomes available on Steam.
  3. Thanks! By the way, you think this is the correct place for this thread? I mean, it's more like a Bug Report/Petition rather than a Discussion, but I couldn't find a general Technical Support forum nor anything like that.
  4. Around 2013, Double Fine started developing Linux ports of their older games. This was a great initiative but, with the Steam Linux client still in diapers, some problems arose. Mainly, the Steam Cloud couldn't sync between different platforms, forcing us to replay the games from the beginning. Some of the games that weren't working back then are now syncing flawlessly between different platforms (Costume Quest, Stacking). Others still aren't (Psychonauts, Brütal Legend). But what bothers me the most right now is the fact that with their newer games (Broken Age, Grim Fandango) Double Fine decided to put the saved data loosely into the game folder. Sure, the Steam Cloud works fine with these games but the problem is that it doesn't distinguish which data belongs to each user! The other day I started playing Broken Age after a long time, only to find that my brother (using HIS Windows account and HIS Steam account on the same computer) replaced all of my saves with his own! WE NEED A FIX! This is the current situation for the games that I had the chance to try: Steam Game Save Game Data Location (Windows) Account-specific Cross-platform Sync Psychonauts \profiles\ X X //Costume Quest \userdata\\115100\ ✓ ✓ //Stacking \userdata\\115110\ ✓ ✓ The Cave %APPDATA%\Doublefine\TheCave\\ ✓ X Brütal Legend %APPDATA%\Doublefine\BrutalLegend\\ ✓ X Broken Age \saves\ X ✓ //Hack 'n' Slash \userdata\\246070\ ✓ ✓ Grim Fandango \saves\ X ✓ From the table it becomes apparent that the ideal way to manage the saves on Steam is the one that Valve recommends: \userdata\\\local\, \userdata\\\remote\. As is the case with the three commented games, the saves remain isolated from other accounts and also sync perfectly between Windows, Mac and Linux. So, Double Fine fellas: Can you PLEASE update your games to support that kind of directory? Or if it is too difficult, can you at least consider to add a folder inside /saves/ in your newer games??? Thank you very much, naninho205
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