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  1. Got this email this morning great to see the support from other producers
  2. I Loved this First episode the artwork and style were a highlight for me being a big fan of tales of monkey island. what I liked was the story excellent its got twists and surprises great love it. what I didn't like difficulty and length It was extremely easy for me but I tend to excell at puzzles. but expecting this and going in with a different mindset I didn't mind this at all and saw it more like an interactive story and in this sense I think its brillient. I really enjoyed the part of the story so far can't wait to find out what happens next. very good ending p.s I did miss the peach and have to walk all the way back.
  3. The knowledge in knowing you helped that game happen isn't enough you want more. Well, that's the problem as people in general, we all want more. Want less, save the planet. Invest instead of upgrade buy another copy of this boxed one you want so badly if it comes out Then donate your copy to some poor unfortunate child who desperately wanted to back, but didn't have the money. The Double Fine Games For Kids Charity. just a half rant half suggestion.
  4. I personally Like the new gifting system if this is what you're talking about, but if you still want to receive the keys only just disconnect your steam account from your humble bundle account and it should just give you keys then but this was set to combat those reselling keys at higher prices. I'm a huge humble bundle fan and can't agree more with how they have changed the delivery and gifting system saves me so much time coping and pasting. Anyway, I suggest giving them another shot, but if you want to resell games go somewhere that condones that cause humble bundle doesn't.
  5. I totally agree with the first sentence and I love the Idea of pausing the cutscenes and or having a place to watch them again later or just in case your in a hurry and skip it.
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