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  1. Basically, the whole #notyourshield thing was a tag going around on twitter to go against the assumption that many anit-gamergaters had that the whole GG movement was made up of white, straight, privileged males. Non-white people, transgender people and women would use the tag to show anti-GGers that they did not condone using them as a way of showing how the GG movement was racist, sexist, etc. Therefore, with the joke that Tim made, it has come off as racist and sexist (depending on how sensitive you are to that sort of thing), as he has likened people who use the #notyourshield tag to a sock-puppet and therefore seriously demeaning their position. Although we don't know for sure, I seriously doubt Tim was trying to be malicious with what he said. I think what he did was kind of stupid and was never really going to end well for him. I think he was just trying to take a more general stab at the whole GG movement but it has had it blow up in his face. A mistake that probably wont be forgotten any time soon, unfortunately.
  2. I think posting the documentary would be a great idea! You have my blessing
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