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  1. So, I got my Amnesia Fortnight 2014 DVDs in the mail a couple weeks ago. I re-played all the prototypes, binge-watched the documentary, and thoroughly enjoyed the extra features. That having been said, I have two questions: Firstly, are "Dear Leader" and "Mnemonic" getting full releases? If so, open your umbrellas, 'cause I'm about to make it rain up in this piece. If not, why does Double Fine hate the sound of joy? Secondly, where is Amnesia Fortnight 2015? If the Double Fine team are doing this on an annual basis, I want to play those prototypes. I need to be on that. I want to frolic in the ball pit of Double Fine's half-baked ideas. I want to oil my body and coast down the Slip n' Slide of Amnesia Fortnight's development process. I want to dive into the murky waters of unbridled imagination, and be swept out on the current of haphazard design. I want to drown in prototypes. Make it happen, Double Fine. Also, my birthday's coming up on the fifteenth, so if you want to deposit a link to a game prototype in my inbox, that would really make my day.
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