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  1. Hi 2PP, nice little bit of misdirection there, heh heh. I honestly thought this was just a "Tim plays GF", maybe a bit celebratory. While now we know that it's been about this: JNhE7zxJymE all along. :-) (More information here: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/06/10/a-closer-look-at-grim-fandangos-surprise-revival/ ) Thank you DF and 2PP for bringing all the awesome community work back to all gamers worldwide. Please stay true to one of the best adventure games ever made. Cheers, balinor
  2. Hi Camden, admitting publically that you had a hard path to get through is quite intimidating, I imagine. Thank you so much for sharing. So glad you arrived at this magical place that is DF. Sending you a big hug from the whole backer community. Cheers Balinor
  3. Just rewatched this a third time. Khris, the kind of love you put into your work and your interactions with others is truly inspiring. Also, I want to have your children.
  4. Wow, just had a quick look at it before going to bed. Turns out I needed to play this through crazy random retro thing in one session much more urgently than I needed sleep. Thank you for the recommendation, Unigma.
  5. Huh, I hadn't noticed that. But you're right, the helmet (at least the baby one) does look somewhat similar to the "head" part of the circuit control router. Which gets me thinking... maybe the reason that there is no complete hazard suit available on Shay's ship _does_ have something to do with what happened to Alex 300 years ago...
  6. Hi Oliver, thank you for the fast reply. I tried to reproduce the bug last night with an attached gdb, but was not successful so far. (I had however played the shay story line from within steam in between.) I'll play the game through today or tomorrow, and then in a day or two try again to reproduce the bug with a fresh steam download. Will update this thread if I find anything new. Cheers balinor
  7. Hi DF gals & guys, some media sites are breaking the embargo by now, citing being allowed to do that by an update on the kickstarter site. Going there, I see "Update #33 - For backers only / Jan 14, 2014 / Broken Age Review Embargo". However, being a slacker backer, I don't have access to this update myself, and I don't see it on the forums, the https://www.doublefine.com/dfa/ page, or my inbox. Guess it must have slipped through the cracks, but it would be nice if someone could inform us non-kickstarters too, and post the text of this update. Thanks in advance, balinor
  8. Congratulations to everybody at DF for getting this awesome beta release out of the door. I'm so excited about the release (and me being part of the closed beta) that I hardly slept since yesterday's mail. Now to do my duty and report lots of bugs... :-) Oh and thank you again to 2PP for taking all of us along for the journey.
  9. Running Debian GNU/Linux (testing) with integrated Intel graphics (Sandy Bridge generation) here. The game was started from the command line, not from within steam. What happened? On "clearing a room" the first time (e.g. using the knife, flying away with the bird, climbing down the cloud ladder) a cut scene plays (correctly), then on switching to the next scene, the game just exits - without any error message. (When going down the ladder, there is no cutscene before.) Restarting the game using the autosave, and playing through the cutscene again, solves this problem - but it's annoying in the long run. Possible reason: Just conjecture here, but maybe the game tries to call into steam (award achievement, tell the steam overlay about a video mode change, or similar) and doesn't realise it's running without steam. (I mean steam is running, but didn't force-load the in-process library.)
  10. Wow, I just watched this. Totally blown away. Two notes: First, I didn't dare get my hopes up for an orchestral score, given how few symphony orchestras there actually are in the US. Hearing now what DF and friends came up with together with the Melbourne SO, I am impressed beyond words. Second, 2PP spoke about not liking to break the fourth wall during the documentary about the launch. At that time I though "It's not that big of a deal to do that occasionally, especially on a project like this". However, on today's episode, until the (awesome) soundtrack faded in again at the end, I had actually repeatedly forgotten that I was watching a documentary, by an external team no less. I just felt completely immersed into the creative process at DF. I love the framing of the episodes with 2PP's imagery and sound track, and they are an integral part of the documentary for me. But this time it really dawned on me how good the 2PP team has become at now disturbing the very thing they are trying to capture. Bob was there, too. ^^ So big kudos to MSO, to DF for keeping strongly committed to this crazy project, and to 2PP for letting us really be a part of it.
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