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  1. People can just average the average metacritic score of act 1 and act 2 to get the score for the complete game. No big deal really.
  2. The conclusion of act 2 just leaves me with more questions than answers. The story feels unfinished to me, I don't know if that was the intended goal or not but that's the way it feels to me.
  3. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed with act 2. Mainly with Shay's part and the ending. Some of the puzzles were annoyingly difficult and incredibly tedious, such as the space chart one. Had a lot of fun with Vella and the hexapal puzzles but act 2 just left a bad taste in my mouth after the great promise that was shown in act 1. I don't know if it was because of the long delay between act 1 and act 2 but the story felt disconnected a bit. It would be like if in Grim Fandango you beat the game after Manny rescues Meche and the kids and beats Domino. Hopefully that paints a better picture of the shortcomings I feel Broken age has.
  4. I haven't gotten my code yet, I sent an email to support but no response yet
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