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  1. Hey everyone, At the time when the Psychonauts 2 campaign was up on Fig, I didn't have a PS4, so I opted to get the PC version. I was wondering if it's possible to change my preferred platform at this point, or if I'm currently locked in. Thanks,
  2. Whoa, these are incredible! These would be really rad figurines/statues also those bases remind me of Amiibos (amiibi? how do you pluralize amiibo?)
  3. I was thinking about that as well! It's cool to hear them talking about people moving to "other projects" or "unannounced projects" in the DFA doc, and realizing which projects those were, now that they've been fully announced, and in some (all?) cases, have already come out.
  4. I actually had the same line through LIta's head when I played through that part yesterday. And come to think of it, I noticed that Drowned Ophelia also looked more covered up than the version I have on PS3, when I got up to her introduction today (very much in the same way your original post describes). Any news on fixes? obivously the game is still very much playable (and awesome), just figured it was worth asking about.
  5. Congratulations guys! Looking forward to experiencing the final product! I just finished watching the AF 2012 doc, and the Broken Age documentary again, so I'm extra stoked.
  6. Do the achievements that correspond with Act One currently activate? or will these go live once Act Two comes out?
  7. I got the prototypes way back when the Double Fine Bundle came out on Humble Bundle, which was certainly quite some time ago. I didn't have a PC at that point (I'm primarily a Mac guy) but now I do, and after re-watching the Documentary, I thought it was high time I played through the games myself. Let me start by saying this: I absolutely love Black Lake. I desperately want this game to be picked up and turned into a full release. The mechanics within the prototype are phenomenal, and it's incredibly intuitive to see where the game could go in a fully fleshed out form (and not just because I watched the documentary). It's astonishing what this team accomplished in 2 weeks, and the fact that it looks and feels less like a prototype, and more like a demo of a larger game is an achievement in it's own right. Even the smallest details, like the controls for playing the accordion (with mouse and keybaord, at least) implies that there is are more songs to learn later in the game, because there are still unused combinations (in fact, Z isn't used at all, if i remember correctly). On to the Easter Egg List! I discovered I have a Hat, I found 7 Blue Ferns, 2 of my Father's Bear Traps, 1 of my Father's old Campfires, My old Stacking Dolls (Dad lost those years ago!) and finally, the excellent Bearded Andy Wood White Birch. Did I miss anything?
  8. these are unbelievably cool! fantastic work!
  9. Thanks! I ended up having a friend sign in from his windows machine back home to get it.
  10. For some reason the achievement isn't popping on steam! I got the holiday shopping achievement in psychonauts mere moments ago, but for some reason this one won't pop. Unfortunately, I'm out of town and only have this laptop (a 2006 macbook pro. it opens the game fine, it's just basically unplayable.), so I can't boot the game up on my desktop (windows side, or Mac side) to see if that solves the problem. I just thought it odd that the one in psychonauts worked, but costume quest didnt. Merry christmas, happy holidays, and all that to everyone!
  11. gearsNcogs


    One of them was Shay as well! From what I could see, the cardboard cutouts were the costumes from CQ1, Shay, Vella, Raz, Bee and Puppycat. Another reference I noticed at the end was one of the kids in line at the Block Party looked like they had a Kermit the Frog costume on. As far as I'm concerned, the Curtis reference wasn't a kid in a costume, it was the real Curtis. Born with a righteous beard, it is his gift, and his curse. Yeah, I'm just being silly now, carryon. EDIT: Now that I read nmalinoski 's post, i can't tell if the Cutout I thought was Shay is actually Raz's second costume (unless I just missed raz's second costume somewhere else). The computer I'm on currently can't run CQ2, so I can't check now.
  12. "You clicked Grabbin' Gary 1000 times! You sure love grabbin'!" "You made the Tree vomit 100 times repeatedly! Par-tay!" Smiles That's brilliant!
  13. I wholly agree; it would be a fantastic thank-you gift for the backers. Even if it's just the Tech Demo that's already finished, I'd love it.
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