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    "you've got to get up, get out, and get something, how will you know if you never even try you've got to get up, get out, and get something, dont sit around as the world passes you by"
  1. I think the only problem would be thats its one more thing for DF staff to keeps tabs on, and if thats something they want to do.
  2. Clicking the banner= problems/complaints solved....yes.
  3. I think what Tim does best is creating something from subject matter that he likes or is interested in, and other people (us) vibe with and get into. I'm interested in what new ideas are rolling around in the halls of DF, and am willing to wait for the awesomeness.
  4. thanks! I title each post with what I'm listening to at the time. music and creatures= fun
  5. Hey guys, this is my creature-a-day blog! http://321draw.blogspot.com/
  6. Directions to Medusa's house (Its a Rawrasaurous!) Isnt it Tobey MacGuire from SpiderMan 3?
  7. A show from the 70's time period isn't going to have the same appeal to kids today though, and it might be even worse if they revamped the whole show. What kind of a ridiculous car do you think they'd make the mystery wagon?
  8. Im pretty sure Incedibles 2 is actually in the works right now. I totally agree with you statement about New IP's and the market right now. I think since he has been building this story for so long, the amount of story for a sequel doesnt seem like too far of a stretch. Also I believe he described the Heavy Metal world with the word "universe" which leaves room for an even greater exploration of this IP. He has given games great depth in the past, and I look forward to this Brutally awesome game....or games!
  9. "Ve Ahr Going To Hayve Soh Much Fun! Ya? OoOo Who Vants A Schpanking?"
  10. no offense, but did the old episodes really have" better" dialogue?
  11. I second the lighter or maybe a brutally awesome bandana?
  12. Are there still newbies posting here? Anyway I guess this where I should be. My name is Alex Rico and I'm an Illustration major about to graduate from CSULB in CA. My blog is on my profile, I'm going for a job in video games, animation, basically anyone who'll give meh a chance. I've been registered for a while now but never introduced myself. I go to the SD ComicCon every year, and this year I got to meet Tim in person, pure awesome. Scott C. is a cool dude in person, and super encouraging. Double Fine is fantastico, but everybody here knows that. Nice to meet ya.
  13. "According to Tim Schafer, the game originally would have featured a sequence where Ben undergoes a peyote-induced hallucinogenic trip. This was eventually ejected from the game, because the developers couldn't get it to "work out" with the publishing. The concept eventually became the basis of Psychonauts." ^ quote from wiki-explanation of tim's previous game "full throttle" i thought that was an interesting explanation of awesome game begginings. i dont know how i am going to get my friends to get Brutal but i think the malmsteen cover is already helping. and does anyone know the version of "The Mob Rules" from the Brutal trailer? much appreciated!
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