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  1. The big question is: What does a sexual pot look like? @Derek BrandI demand concept art for that :3
  2. You could make them have a glass-back which means that a hunter can't strike back because the bulwark is facing him. But a caberjack or alchimist could sneak from the back on it and destroy him. That would also mean that the hunter has to hide well, so that he doesnt get killed by the bulwark.
  3. [ENTRY #2] Please post what you think about the different points. I'd like to hear different opinions. I started my second playthrough after the disgrace of the last one. Right now I'm 169 years and 60 days into the savegame(8h real time). Here are the next notes in the order I wrote them down: -I played a match with only one Hunter, than I killed the last "XP-Thief-Dude" and he killed me *-* But I lost! Why? Everybody Evil/good was dead, that means the area is saved! -Baby adoption takes too long! Why should I adopt one baby for 4 years of research that I have to I'll use in 18 years and not get 4 heroes for 6 years. -When the "Canon-Dude" misses somebody that hides next to a egg, the shot shootout just go though the the egg but destroy it, that would force you to change position and allows other bad-guys to see you. An interesting addition to combat. -It would be great to have an option to set standard equipment for every class. -I think the resources ("bad-dude-body's") don't feel present. I can't see them without going into the research-menu. It would be great to have the option to see a room/basement where the body's are stacked on top of each other divided into monster-stacks. -We need a key to take a hero out of the Tab-Key-rotation. -I think misses feel to bad. This was the situation with is 101% unrealistic: XXXXI TXXXX XXHXX X = Air H = Hero T = Target I = Actual Impactpoint -When the "explosion-dude" explodes it takes to long: I hit him, the camera scrolls up, than scrolls down again, he does it's animation and than goes up again. -In the Chalice-Selection-Screen a navigation-arrow is needed to cycle through the heroes. -The shell of the "Canon-dude" should deploy faster. Optimally milliseconds after hitting the Dude. -Hunters are a little bit OP, but melee-heroes are just shitty. I don't use them. With my hunters I can deal 30-140 Damage without even getting near the enemy. Every Melee-Hero (especially Caberjacks) take damage and deal less damage (because they haven't even Follow-Up) But if you fix Melee the game gets even more awesome. I had as much fun as never in the last month chaining up hunter attacks, relics and levels. Make that work with Melee and its perfect. Theo
  4. How would you personaly fix it?
  5. That's what I think. It's much easier to just snipe all the enemys than to do melee and get damaged a lot. This is something that has to be fixed in the final game. The "Wood-Punch-Dude" (I forgot the name) could maybe store some energy. You could hide him, power him some rounds up and than one-hit the shit out of the big-bad-dudes.
  6. The strategie that worked the best for me to kill the Bullwarks?(Canon-Guys) is this: You need one keep that "produces constantly alchymists. Than you need Hunters (optionaly with relics) that have the ability that makes them stronger when an allay dies. Now use 4Hunters and 1Alch. in battles. Let the Alchimist die and now you oneshot everything if you have good hunters. If not simply use Follow-Up. I have a little/crappy video to demonstrate that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmoyWjB-s9E Theo
  7. Hi, my second entry will be written in some hours. But noe to the game: I don't want to talk about balancing, because of that, I mad this crappy video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmoyWjB-s9E&feature=youtu.be How do I get the actual video in there? Theo
  8. Hi, Lord of riva, am I the only one who hates the hero-mqnagement screens?
  9. Hi, About the sound: The problem is (how you sad) that there is no constant beat. the musik stops and the realy good ambient sounds just don't fell like they belong "after" the musik. I think it would be more dynamic if you have a constant beat(drum) that always plays to hold everything together. I never tought that they'll implement all this. I dont think they need to (exept of the hero-browser). But I just wanted to mention every thing i write down while playing for them to read because things like the canon-dude destroing the world isnt hard to implemet and would realy benefit the game. Just add some particles, the locig behind explodions and a cooler sound. Theo Ps: you should realy play it! Pps: One question: was my post readable, because i want to continue this thread while i play further.
  10. [Please excuse my bad English, I'm a German student.] Hi there, this thread is my diary on my days spent with the massive chalice beta. Unfortunately I have to play the game on a 400€ low-fps-not-gaming-laptop, because my PC broke some minutes befor the beta-launch *-*. In the following text I'll use some of my own names for game-stuff, because I can't remember the real names. I'll mark them with "...". Firstly I have to say that the game is just beautiful. It's not a revolution of the strategy-genre. It's a art-revolution. I don't want to say, that the game is a bad strategy-game. It's a really original strategy-game, but not revolutionary. I played (according to steam) for two hours and got to year 47 and Day 245. After that I gave up, because I got horrible crushed. The following comments are listed in the order I wrote them down while playing: -I couldn't figure out how to compare two hero's. I wrote this down as I chose a new "king" for a "castle". -The start animation, where the camera dives into the chalice, is not centered on my screen, which looks real weird. (resolution: 1366 x 768) -The "XP-Thief" should have a special attack for when he's next to a hero. It should also be stronger. Maybe that he touches the heros head and removes one total level. That would make the "XP-Thief" a really interesting enemy, which have to be killed in one round or from far away. -The Hunter should be able to shoot out of cover. When he does that, maybe he could have a smaller accuracy. -Some matches feel just empty audio-wise. It just doesn't fell good when you have no music. It would be enough to just have a guitar paying one or two notes every 5 seconds or a drum played really silent in the pauses. -When you have to choose a match it would be greater to see the name of a region. -Everytime the menu screen changes it just feels clumsy. (maybe because my bad framerate. -when an alchemist stops his running animation, it looks like he is floating a little bit. -When I choose the attack-option I would want to see better which enemy is attackable and which not. Maybe you could make the un-attackable enemy's black and white. -When the "green-canon-dude" dies, he should make a little earth quake when he falls (maybe braking the eggs or exploding the plants arround him. That's what I expect but he only makes a little noise and some dust. -The overall hero management/selecting is if###ng difficult and (for me) hard to use. It's to much text (for my taste) and not visual enough. I have here some ideas I trashed together in paint. First one(Stammbaum.png): It's simply a option to see all your current hero's in a family tree. The second one(CircleMenu.png): In this Menu, you can see all your hero's arranged in a circle (you should use diamond) after a chosen criteria. The circle(diamond) is divided in layers with a certain value. Maybe age, or maybe class. Now all hero's are put in the corresponding layer. If you click on the center circle(diamond) you could get all the dead hero's, arranged the same way. In addition to the diamond you could add the 3d model of the hero. If you click on him he could zoom on him changing to the hero view you have which is awesome. -If a "explosion-dude" dies it would look better if he falls down and explodes when he touches the ground. a -Maybe it's my display, but the "Egg-world" would look better with a higher contrast. -On the "Egg-Map" and "Mountain-map" I would love to be able to knockback enemy from a bridge. Now, they just collide with a invisible wall. After all this I don't want you to feel like it's a bad game. I really ejoyed my time with it and it's still a awesome game, even if you don't change all this. Theo Severin @DrBlock42[/img]
  11. and there is the new game: Cube and Star: an arbitary love
  12. Hi there, the significant are already listed herem but I still have one or two: Memory of Broken Dimension (still in development, but I think there is a playable Demo) http://dev.datatragedy.com/projects/moabd/ Than there is SpyParty, thats just an univers for itselfe http://www.spyparty.com/ There's also Homesick (also in Development, but maybe the developers are nice and hand you a copy) http://www.luckypause.com/homesick/ and scale, thats just different, but that what we have seen of your games look quite similar: http://scale-game.com/ Thats all, hope I could help DrBlock42
  13. Hi, I have a question ( how you can see in the title ). And I hope somebody who knows that or somebody at doubkefine, who has timecan me tell the answer. I'm not shure, but I think you are using Maya for Maps, modelling and animations. But thats all that I know. How do you make your games, in wich language and wich language for what in the game. I hope somebody knows the answer. DrBlock42 PS: DF, you Are the bests
  14. Hi there, the first thing: THE GAME IS AWESOME! now to the bugs: I had found 1 or 2 animation bugs: 1. When Vella get up a ladder in the cloud colony, she was one time behind the ladder. 2. When she sink down i the couds, sometims the animation gets derpy -DBlock42
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