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  1. Finally got my book, it was DEFINITELY worth the wait The only thing that could make this even better, is if one day; we could see a return of the Brütal Legend Vinyl cover LP's. Had I known about the best buy pre-orders, I'd had gone there ASAP for one of them.... Nonetheless, I'm a happy Fan Thank you, Double Fine. for creating my favorite game of all time
  2. So.....is everyone who pre-ordered the book going to get a notification telling them, "when" exactly they officially get shipped to them?
  3. So.......how much longer is it going to be until they finally get shipped? Now that they have the books...
  4. Ordered mine back in March....it is now July......Still no word as of when is it coming.... >:-(
  5. Has anybody got any idea WHEN they're going to be finally shipped? I've been waiting nearly 2 months now and i have yet to receive any note about it....and i'm starting to get a little concerned......
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