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  1. This is the most important point regarding this debate. There is no hard definition of 'old-school adventure game'. As it turns out, to many people the term implies a certain puzzle difficulty. To others, perhaps including Tim, it doesn't. That's it. Difficulty was not a selling point for the Kickstarter as far as I can recall, and while the disappointment is understandable (I personally also wish Act 1 had been harder), we alone are responsible for our expectations. When Double Fine said they wanted to make an old-school adventure game it conjured up those expectations in our minds - but those naturally differ per person. Double Fine's understanding of the term didn't align 100% with that of every single backer, and that sucks for those backers, but the anger and/or feeling of betrayal expressed by some is misplaced. A similar thing happened with inXile when they announced Torment would have turn-based combat and not real-time with pause. Some backers assumed that a spiritual sequel to Planescape Torment would necessarily have the same combat system. It turned out the developers disagreed - what was important to them in capturing the spirit of that game was something else. And that's fine. Well said. And I think it also bears repeating that we do not have the full game. In the latest documentary episode, Tim sounded pretty confident that die hard puzzle fans will get what they want. (Being that confident about it after seeing such backlash that he obviously had an emotional response to should make everyone feel good about that!!)
  2. Grim Fandango is not considered old school? Is this was we're saying? Well, I consider it old school as it's... a 1998 release. heh. At this point, it's just semantics. Why are you upset over something that is not clearly defined and obviously means completely different things to different people? Also: Tim did say in his pitch video that it could be a major upset - and you'll be around for it all. So. There was a warning.
  3. Pretty bold statement. I'm curious how you come to this conclusion. Are you in the industry or in marketing? Is there some sort of expertise or career field that might qualify your statement? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just curious how you came to that conclusion.
  4. Sorry guys if I was being hostile. I'll admit to being a lame fanboy. I still honestly think it's being blown out of proportion, but I can understand the concern with no updates as of late. I think it sucks too. I love you guys. I still love doublefine. I'm sure Doublefine will have an explanation eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  5. Only part of Doublefine actually works on Broken Age. The other games are developed and lead by completely different people. And Amnesia Fortnight is done every year. I agree with you on that -- it's annoying when anticipating such a game like Broken Age, but it's part of their process...
  6. Why are you knitpicking his words? Who cares if it's been stated in an interview or not - which I'm very sure it has been - it says so on their STORE PAGE: "Act 1 is available now, and the act 2 conclusion will arrive as a free update later this year! " (http://store.steampowered.com/app/232790/) BLOG POST: "The Act 2 conclusion of Broken Age will ship later this year as a free update for all owners of the game." (http://www.doublefine.com/news/comments/broken_age_playable_for_backers_now_preorders_open_for_non-backers/) *Published in early JANUARY Aso: Why would you use assume April? How can you get mad a developer over a date that you pull out of your butt?
  7. It's not due in april anymore. Hasn't been for some time - and actually that was just the earliest they expected it to be out. Recent interviews have confirmed that it'll be out a bit later in the year, and also that they've raised enough money to fund part 2 development now. So there's no issue. Where are these "recent interviews" ? I don't see any update regarding the April release date issue in "DFA: From Double Fine and 2 Player Productions". At least not any clear one. Isn't this the place where we get our most direct information? Just seems like there's no enthusiasm in this project anymore. I know you're the DF white knight who comes to their defence whenever you can, but you have to admit that the momentum of DFA has completely disappeared. So to say that there's no "issue" when we're not hearing anything at all - that IS the issue, for me at least. "For me at least" Okay, so you have your panties in a wad so the rest of the community should, too? Let's put it into perspective: They just spent two full weeks creating completely new games from scratch while broadcasting NEARLY EVERYTHING while they did it. Did you watch the twitch streams? Did you pay attention to the updates? They did a lot of work to create new and unique titles that will probably become their full time projects in the coming years. I think Doublefine as well as the community could put up with a little break in between that and Broken Age part 2 considering the over saturation of content. Besides, do you really think Doublefine is just twiddling their thumbs and wasting time? Have you WATCHED the documentary episodes?? They of all people know that time is limited and I'm sure they are using it as wisely as they possibly can. I'd get a grip if I were you and enjoy what they produced from Amnesia Fortnight while you wait for an update. Edit: And everywhere says "Later this year." Did you even try to google your information before you started to complain? Obviously it is not April.
  8. Soylent Dreams are people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tim, you really are a monster.
  9. Soylent Dreams are people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tim, you really are a monster.
  10. Soylent Dreams are people!!!!!! Vote for Soylent Dreams and or you'll be next!!
  11. Good luck, Chris!!!! I will be looking forward to what you have to offer in the future.
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