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  1. Is there anywhere the Director's Cut can still be purchased? Sumthing.com is down and it sounds like it is for good. Source: http://www.nilerodgers.com/about/projects/sumthing
  2. Having beaten this a while ago I thought I'd give it another play through. However, I'm finding changes in my first game are affecting my 2nd game. Any recommendations on how to get a clean 2nd play through? I'm guessing a complete reinstall will do it, but is there a quicker option?
  3. Yeah. Though I've noticed more positive reviews have moved to the top group of helpful reviews. So recommendations can at least turn it around a little.
  4. If you haven't noticed the reviews for Broken Age on Steam appear to be almost entirely negative, despite the fact they are mostly positive. It appears all of the negative reviews have been massively recommend by people unhappy with Double Fine for whatever reason. Why not take a few minutes to recommend a few helpful positive reviews, so people checking Broken Age out at Act II's release get a fuller picture. And please recommend reviews that are actually helpful instead of just doing a counter up-vote bomb and up-voting everything (plus there's no way you'd have time to recommend the 3,202 positive reviews).
  5. With a date for Act II coming soon, it seemed like a good time to share some favorite moments from Act I. Let's keep this just to sharing favorite moments. And keep this to Act I even after Act II comes out for the sake of any late comers to Act II. Of course, if you haven't finished Act I, stop reading as this will inevitably have potatoes ... erm, spoilers. And maybe we should avoid talking about the spoiler of all the spoilers, just so we don't ruin things for any wayward soul who wanders in here. Plus we all already know it was awesome. With that out of the way, I played through the game with my fiancé. She played Vella, and I played Shay (we switched on our second play through). I have a number of adventure games under my belt, but she really hasn't played any. It was really interesting to see how she played, being newer to the genre. She got stuck on some things I thought were easy, but also noticed things I missed. Though the best moment came when we truly saw the difference in our play styles upon meeting our friend, Spoon. Behind his desperate pleas for validation I knew there was comedy gold. Instead of obliging his pleas, I patiently waited without sympathy. But his cries did not fall on deaf ears. "Pick him up! Pick him up!" my fiancé cried! She was moved by Spoon's longing for acceptance. She had become immersed in the game while I was mining it for jokes. The game drawing her in to the experience like this is truly a testament to the team's hard work. We're both eagerly awaiting Act II. Edit: typo
  6. Great idea! A similar idea I had is to have a planning layer where you could lay out a base without actually committing to building it. Then when you are ready you could select certain sections of the plan to construct them. Or abandon them. Though I'm not sure how feasible this idea would be to make in a mod. Your idea is much simpler to implement.
  7. People are pretty fast. Time to play some Hack N Slash since my attempts have run out.
  8. Yep. I already posted, but it snuck in on page 2. edit: and now I've made too many attempts. Last two were taken. Not sure about the others.
  9. FYI: from Terence on Twitter "My new album, Immerse, is out! It's for the Double Fine Adventure documentary. It's $7, give it a listen http://lifeformed.bandcamp.com/album/immerse" (not my album, if there's any confusion. I just really enjoy his music)
  10. The first thing I noticed is the text looks like text in a hex editor. I mainly say that because of the periods. Though there are too many columns for the typical hex editor, so it's likely a red herring.
  11. Awesome sidequest! I'd love to hear from Khris what steps she takes to make it sound like the voice actors are recording conversations together, even though the documentary shows they do all their lines separately. Even back to the original Sam & Max the conversations had a smooth flow to them, even when technical issues got in the way (e.g. long delays between actors lines). But a lot of other games just don't. I remember watching a video hyping the voice acting in a AAA title, but to me every line sounded like the actor was just talking to themselves. Even when the transitions and ducking* were smooth, in the delivery you could just see the actor alone in the recording booth with the paper in their hand. Is there any secret sauce to Double Fine and old LucasArts titles getting this right? *new word learned, thanks DF and 2PP
  12. One more person with the segfault issue. It was also running fine for me before. I was pleasantly surprised (when it was running) as my laptop is pretty lightweight. It was nice I could play it before I do my next upgrade.
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