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  1. I sold my copy, but that's because I'm mostly a PC gamer now. If Brutal Legend were to come out on PC it would have a happy home with all the Sacrifice fans, but it would also have to compete with AirMech, which is also trying to be a frantic Action RTS. Not that it wouldn't have trouble competing, AirMech has no metal. As long as Double Fine keeps producing awesome things, I'll keep buying them and The Metal will live on.
  2. I finally did what I said what I was going to do: pop open my Mad Catz TE-S fightstick and mod it, and now I need help! Before Brutal Legend swept me away, I was big on fighting games, and the recent release of Skullgirls was the last straw: Ps3 is the console for fighting games. So I finally opened up my stick to put a PCB in there that will allow it to work on Xbox 360 and Ps3 and PC! ...now there's just the matter of that art. Instead of having Ryu and Ken punching and overall manly, why not make this arcade stick METAL?! So I'm looking for hi res images related to Brutal Legend to slap on this stick! I'm handy with Photoshop, and will be using Lizania's TE-S Mockup Photoshop file to take care of the formatting. But what to put on it? This is where I need help. I need high resolution images related to Brutal Legend. As high as you can find. I'll take anything you think would be a good thing to put on the arcade stick. Here is what I'm thinking of so far: The Brutal Legend poster with Eddie and a Zaulia displaying true Action/RTS skill by riding around on a Metal Beast burning Tainted Coil minions despite being heavily outnumbered. This would make an exceptionally metal stick art, but I don't have a high res of it. I can't exactly scan the poster either because it's on my wall. Screen capture: Brutal Legend is not just about Eddie. It's about Ironheade. It was my true dream to make a stick with this image, but this one is not high res enough. Does anyone have the will and know how to capture a nicer image? http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2009/10/eddie-and-ironheade-10122009-13.jpg This picture is special because it captures what Brutal Legend is all about! Making a big army and fighting along side them. Look at Eddie and Ironheade ready to teamwork the @#% out of some demons! That image looks big here, but it's actually teeny tiny in terms of resolution, so this doesn't work either. Those are just some examples. If anyone can help me find nice images to use that will make for suitable printing, I'll will use Photoshop to do the rest. Oh, and if you were curious about what I was using, I'm using Lizania's TE-S mockup Photoshop files to process the image.: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-new-official-arcade-stick-art-thread-imageboard-instructions-on-first-page.137307/
  3. We have an EA marketing representative in our midst!
  4. I think article explains best what went wrong. http://geek.pikimal.com/2012/03/27/mechanical-breakdown-brutal-legend/ Except Tim Schafer is absolutely correct, but I would have chosen different words. You don't play Brutal Legend like an RTS. Brutal Legend is an Action RTS, and you play an Action RTS like an Action RTS. Trying to go at it like Starcraft is just as effective as trying to play it like God of War: it's not. Oh, and the whole "just pause the game and read the Tour Book WITH YOUR EYES thing" didn't work out so good. So lesson learned: people are morons. A game like this needs a mandatory, single play tutorial that so flawless and perfect that a person can get online without ever touching the multiplayer.
  5. Well Brutal Legend and AirMech took two different approaches. BL combined Herzog Zwei with Sacrifice. AirMech seems to be proudly copying Herzog Zwei in every way imaginable.
  6. The game that inspired Brutal Legend's fantastic multiplayer, Herzog Zwei, has one more fan: Carbon Games, makers of Fat Princess. They are taking the field in a different direction by blatantly copying Herzog Zwei in every way possible. And that's AWESOME. If you sign up you can be a part of the alpha for it. I made an account immediately and I can't wait to play it. I wonder if Tim Schafer knows?
  7. I trained people all the time when I was playing this. I've kinda abandoned console gaming since I have my nice new PC.
  8. The Wii U would work AMAZINGLY with Brutal Legend 2.
  9. I wonder how many mech designs you can save? I'm gonna need a whole lot of them. * A "Brutal Legend" mech with light guns but powerful defensive towers. * A "Timber Wolf" that's balanced. * An "Atlas" with all the powerful weapons and no towers * A "MORE DAKKA" mech with six machine guns
  10. So every game developer in the universe must make their own console, or they're not allowed to make games? Nintendo might like that idea. No. They'd LOVE that. But Double Fine would go out of business. All they make is 3rd party games. Microsoft being the publisher simply means they paid for the game to be created.
  11. I speculate there iwll be single player missions, single player challenges, coop missions, and co op challenges. They already said there will be no competitive mode of any kind, unless there are leaderboards. I hope the game has lots and lots of single player and co op challenges. I got a little concerned when they said the story was 15 missions. Tower Defense challenges need no story, so after you beat it, there should be lots of story-less challenge missions.
  12. 15 missions? I hope that's just the story mode and not the whole thing. Tower defense games tend to have lots of bonus missions, no story needed. Whatever, I have faith Trenched will be awesome.
  13. I hope a slot in Summer of Arcade gives Double Fine the success they've always deserved!
  14. How was Treeeeenched? Did you shoot things while building and protecting turrets?!
  15. A slot in Summer of Arcade means people will no longer be able to ignore Double Fine! I highly recommend the devs play Monday Night Combat. They look more alike than some people care to admit. I got the MNC fans over at PA interested in this now. MNC has a super small co-op tower defense mode called Blitz, which looks like Trenched but only has like six different missions. But it also has a competetive multiplayer mode. If Trenched doesn't have a competitive tower defense multiplayer, it needs to really go all the way with the co op and single player with lots and lots of missions. Like, that one video shows Defense Grid? That game had a ton of missions and a hard mode for every mission. Go ALL THE WAY with the campaign and co-op! Lots and lots of missions like Defense Grid! Such missions don't even necessarily need a story!
  16. Outstanding. The game combines Brutal Legend with Monday Night Combat. I'm gonna miss commanding units directly while fighting along side them, but the Tower Defense thing is more simplified so more people can get into it.
  17. Somebody hit the nail on the head over at Penny Arcade. For a lot of people, their first Xbox Live experience was Mechassault. And with FASA gone, this game has the opportunity to become big. I might also make a robot called The Painkiller.
  18. I'm gonna make an awesome robot and it's going to be called DAKKA DAKKA.
  19. I didn't know other people played that game besides me. Oh man, that would be so cool if it was like that! I remember that one.
  20. Cantido

    Fan Art!!!!

    The characters are ordinary humans. Focus your attention on the crazy robots and monsters instead. It could be that Double Fine is gunning for a Summer of Arcade slot, and that's why it's Xbox exclusive. All five SoA titles got ridiculous exposure and success last year. But anyway...GIANT ROBOTS MIRITE? And I can see is that Trenched shares one big thing with Brutal Legend: Scale. Brutal Legend's combat scales brilliantly, ranging from infantry vs infantry to monstrosity vs monstrosity. When you start you have infantry, and by the end, (hopefully) you are trampling said infantry with whatever giant car or monster you created. Trenched is capturing that same feeling of scale. The game is called Trenched because the robots are called Mobile Trenches. They are literally WW2 trenches slapped on a pair of robot legs, with a soldier standing in the little trench operating the guns. Also, there's a part that says "stationary defenses" and they show defensive turrets landing to fight monsters, so there's a strategy element, except it's taking a cue from Monday Night Combat. My knee jerk reaction was "dammit, Double Fine actually went and made a gun game." But no, everything they touch becomes colorful and crazy. Also, I love Mechwarrior and Mechassault, so hooray for giant robots! Bravo, Brad Muir. And also, the game NEEDS MOAR DAKKA!
  21. Lets recap: Psychonauts: First Platformer Brutal Legend: First Action/RTS Costume Quest: First RPG Stacking: First Puzzle Adventure Sesame Street: First Kinect game.
  22. Good on Double Fine! They'll be the ones to make the most out of Kinect!
  23. This can mean only one thing: But seriously, Double Fine making a children's learning game is excellent. They can be trusted to provide a good children's licensed game that isn't shovelware, and will give kids and parents something to talk about.
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