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  1. Easy is relative, but I can say from first hand experience that 2D game art is a much more involved process than 3D game art. For that reason alone all the big-name fighting games are switching to 3D models. For example, with one 3D model you can do hundreds of animations without recreating the model. With almost all 2D sprites you need to recreate the sprite for every frame of animation (sometimes you can reuse very small pieces of the sprite, but mostly you'll be starting fresh for each frame). Now I'm not saying that either of them are easy, bone-animation is it's own type of monster, but generally it takes less time and resources to do equal quality models/animations than it does sprites/animations. I'm focusing on the animation aspect of it because (it's the most time consuming process of either style) once you have a mesh modeled, UV mapped, then textured, all you have left to do is bone-animation for everything else. While that's not easy per say, it's a lot less time consuming than constantly redrawing a sprite's leg, hip and effects (assuming you're using the sprite for effects, instead of particles) just to see if Ryu's left foot would look better a little higher when he Hurricane Kicks. If Ryu was a 3D model, all you'd need to do is adjust a couple leg bones and play the animation. Does this translate to MC and DD? Maybe. I know DD uses less frames of animation than most sprite based games (and I think it also uses 2D bone tools like Spriter for animation, I can't confirm this), so you very well may be right. But, I see this generalization a lot, and even outside of the realm of animation creating static 2D assets of high quality is very time consuming when you consider iteration. A model you can adjust, a sprite you need to redraw. Just something to chew on!
  2. Here's a post I made in response to someone's topic over on the steam forums. I thought I'd share it here with the hope that someone from DF will take a look and it possibly spark an idea in their head. Welp, there you go. I've always wanted relics to be a MASSIVE part of MC, and feel with a little improvement they could be closer to that goal. Thanks for your time. Source: http://steamcommunity.com/app/246110/discussions/0/619574421302776175/
  3. Does anyone know if this has been addressed yet in game? I have limited bandwidth, else I'd just check myself. The constant motion of the camera and the forced character switch was just too much last time I played. I understand that it seems trivial, but this is a game that I spent over a hundred dollars on when it was just a concept, and these issues are so jarring for me that I don't even want to play now. I hope the option to turn these features off is something that will be considered.
  4. I've played MC for a bit and have a few suggestions. I've been enjoying it so far, so this will be short. 1) New Menu Option: Turn off/on automatic camera movement (in combat) While it's nice to have the camera focus on the action, it can also be frustrating when you're trying to look at other things, or even at the action from the angle/position you would like to. 2) New Menu Option: Turn off/on automatic character switch when the selected unit cannot take another action (in combat) Again, it can be very frustrating to be looking at someone's stats/abilities, then decide to move or take an action and it automatically boots you out of looking at the previous characters kit. These may seem like nit-picks, but they are huge for me. If you take a look at a game called Steam Marines (squad-based tactics) over on Steam you can see these options in action. Apsyse from Worthless Bums (the developer of Steam Marines) put those options in early and it really gives the players the feeling of being in control of the battlefield. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider the possibility of these becoming a thing. It would honestly solve all of my (non-bug) issues with the game. Thanks (from House Surreptian!) for your time and keep up the good work!
  5. Does the gift give you access to the Exclusive Backer Beta on Steam? EDIT for clarity I'm referring to the gift able copy of MC that the bloodline backers were given. I'm assuming that the answer is no, because EBB was only for the 50+ tiers, but I just want to make sure before I get someone's hopes up that they'll get into the EBB.
  6. I thought that same thing when I saw the weapon objects for use in the bloodlines. It'd be really weird for House Bottle - "We throw bottles!" with a chucker featured prominently on their banner, to then be a house of caberjacks. Although I agree, I think that ship has set sail. I suppose they could add a check box on the "pick your main bloodline" UI, with random being an option as well. I wonder if that would conflict with their vision of the game, or if they feel that it's easy enough and worth implementing it.
  7. I had a few thoughts when stat levels were mentioned in the latest team stream. /ideasandjazzhands The level 15 stat bump should be pretty hefty, because it seems like obtaining such a high level is a very rare thing in the world of MC. It would feel nice as a player to see a select few heros obtaining almost demi-god like status if they hit such a rare level. I understand that this would be counter intuitive, because most higher level heros will be older as well. But maybe it could be tied into the lore that there are legends of the chalice bestowing supreme power upon the people of MC one in a grand while for epic reason X and Z. There are so many ways you could take this idea. I think the main thing to take away from it is that level 15 is a special level, and although obtaining it is a reward itself, I feel like you fine gents over there at DF would be doing everyone a favor if you were to turn the dial up a little bit extra on this one. I picture legends like Hercules, Beowolf, Gilgamesh and think to myself there's no reason we can't have a very rare super strong unit for a little while (because they'll most likely die soon of old age) a couple times in a playthrough (because you probably won't have many max level characters in MC). /endideasandjazzhands And another thought I had was that the world of MC reminds me of the BRAZEN universe for some reason. Maybe the two games could coexist in the same universe, but in different points on the timeline. Kind of like how Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are related. BRAZEN takes place in a relatively peaceful point in the MCU (Massive Chalice Universe) hundreds, if not thousands of years in the past, before the Cadence show up. Maybe something at the end of the full BRAZEN game (glares uncomfortably at Brad... for 15 minutes...) hints at the coming end of the MCU through the hands of the Cadence. Hell, you could add in the BRAZEN classes into MC in an expansion and the full BRAZEN game could have Caberjacks... it's perfect.
  8. Thanks for the response, Brad. I'm glad to hear that hybrids are still a thing. There hasn't been much talk on the stream about them recently, so maybe a little segment on your internal design iteration (if there has been any recently) would be awesome. Or is it safe to say that the hybrid feature is "complete" design wise, so there hasn't been any need to talk about it till you're actively working on it? As for the mega buster, I've listened to it again and maybe it's all the years I've played mega man, but I'm willing to bet a side by side comparison would make a few of you giggle. This is probably the best example (zero's intro in mmx). The asset starts at 4:00.
  9. Just because it doesn't fit into the scope of the project doesn't mean it's not a great idea. Sure, I feel like resources would be better spent elsewhere, but in a situation where budget didn't matter I'd say toss the feature in. You don't need high amounts of visual diversity because of house sigils/colors and player stories. That's more than enough to want to print out a memorable family.
  10. I just got done watching the latest team stream (23) and I wanted to lay out some thoughts. I love the progression we've seen so far. The levels, music and pretty much everything is really shaping up, but I have a couple concerns. 1) Hybrid classes. What's the word on this? The project feels like it may be moving away from that feature. 2) Hitting the "run timeline" button sounds like I'm charging my mega buster. We all love mega man, but I give you a big "thematically inappropriate" on that submission . That's it for now. As always, thank you so much for these team streams and Massive Chalice.
  11. UNSOLICITED IDEA! Heroes can have the "Visions" trait. Heroes that are entered into the Scholars Guild that have the Visions trait have a chance over time to reveal a new research goal that can only be revealed in this way, or they can trigger a "Vision Effect." I feel like it would need to be really rare, and it would only work if DF have enough research options to allow a few of them to be unlocked with only the Visions trait. Probably at least 5 exclusive Visions (research goals), and 5 Vision Effects. I think it would add to the game's randomization while also giving the player the "toy at the bottom of the cereal" effect when they see that really, really, really rare trait and what it could mean to the future of their digital society. A couple examples of Visions research goals. Name: Fountain of you don't age so fast Effect: Reduces the aging process for everyone in your kingdom by .2 (arbitrary number) for the remainder of the game. Name: Scholarly Hearse Effect: A chance when a hero dies in battle to be resurrected as a scholar for the remainder of their un-life. A couple of ideas for triggered Vision Effects. Name: Temporary Omnipotence Effect: All research goals that are currently being researched are completed. Secondary effect: Heroes with the Visions trait die if they trigger Temporary Omnipotence. Name: Martyr of the Chalice Effect: All current corruption values (percentage of corruption seen on the overworld map) are reduced by 25% (arbitrary number). Secondary effect: Heroes with the Visions trait die if they trigger Martyr of the Chalice. Good idea or not, it's an idea. What do you guys think?
  12. Agreed. Starting in different places will make it feel like a different map each time. Even if you see a spot you've seen before, you'll be approaching it from a different perspective. This will cause different scenarios to utilize the terrain in different ways. It's all pretty crafty if you ask me. As it pertains to the OP and visuals, I respect your opinion, but I feel otherwise. I think they look good for being in their alpha stages, and the sky is the limit from here on out.
  13. I hate that I'm not omnipotent and I don't have access to the room where corporate keeps the well of infinite knowledge. Phil from accounting was always pissing in it, so they restricted our access.
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