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  1. Thank you nor making the survey available and revealing the results. It really makes it obvious that some of the choices that seemed so obvious to me are not as popular as I might have expected. It also reveals that there are some abilities that almost nobody uses.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation, Brad! I really like knowing that the blast represents toss range. To me, the most desirable information that I would like to have is whether they can see me, and whether they can attack me. Whether I can see them is very much secondary to those 2 desires.
  3. Savegame of year 253 sent. Hope it helps.
  4. Also, a key element of my strategy was that I started focusing on giving my stardards the "rebel" personality around year 60, so that I would gain access to some new traits. Also, almost all of my regents were 15-25 years old when appointed.
  5. I'll check to see if I still have my save file. I'm pretty sure I got one in mid 200s. I had 4 keeps, 3 sagewrights and 3 crucibles. I was able to keep all 3 sagewrights populated. I only ever lost 1 territory, and it was a sagewrights guild, but that was after I was maxed out, so it made very little difference. When picking regents, I focused on fertility over most everything else. At the end, about half my heroes had the bountiful trait. There was one point where I had 15 trainees at once. I used very few adoptions.
  6. So, I just finished the game, and thought I would put down my thoughts while they are still fresh. This is a bit of a wall of text, so please be patient with me: What I liked Chaotic rush at the beginning to get my bloodlines started The fact that I could not seek quality in my bloodlines at first, until I first had sufficient quantity to be picky about breeding Early game balance. Enemies were challenging to kill, but not too difficult Early game xp consequences. Ruptures deny xp. Lapses remove it. There were very strong incentives to kill both quickly. Created a sense of urgency. That we are never locked in to a particular build for a character. The next generation can just choose different skills. Shell armor enabled some fun situations where I could just throw my caberjack at the horde. Synergy between hunter sound detection and alchemist flasks that go over obstacles. What could have been better Some of the skill tree decisions just seemed to be no brainers. Eg. The hunter ability that increases damage if the enemy is less than half health is only useful if the hunter damage is less than half of the enemy’s max hp, which didn’t happen to me. Hunters got too much xp Since Ruptures and lapses need to be killed fast, hunters are frequently the only ones able to get into position fast enough to finish them off. That meant that my hunters got a disproportionate amount of xp. Having some mechanism to help caberjacks and alchemists with positioning would be helpful. On my second playthrough, I am now skilled enough to get my low level caberjacks and alchemists kills, but it is still far easier to do with the hunters Replacing Sagewrights very frequently Since I would typically appoint my oldest heroes to be sagewrights, and I had 3 sagewrights guilds, I ended up replacing a sagewright on average once a year. This ended up being very repetitive, and could use some streamlining. Not enough research options I finished all “free” research around year 160 After that point, I had to confirm, “yes, I know my sagewright are wandering the halls” every time I moved the timeline, it was tedious. When my sagewrights died, it wasn’t worth the effort to replace them. No use for xp after hitting level 10 I got all heroes and relics to max level 10 around year 200 At that point, one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game stopped being relevant. End game seemed to have very little advancement After maxing hp and technology, there was only 1 goal remaining, and that was to reach year 300, and there was nothing I could do to work towards that goal other than kill everything as fast as possible and ignore all of the message prompts and interruptions. Hero sort order when sorting by experience messed up at level 10 When all heroes have exactly the same xp, they appear to be sorted in descending order by age. I think sorted in ascending order by age makes more sense. Lack of any mechanism to find relic/traits/personality on people I think some sort of sort order/filter/symbol would have been helpful to deal with the organizational aspects of my characters I appreciated that the Bountiful trait was easy to find when it was relevant Impact of armor could have been better explained. What does “armor”, “evasion”, “resistance” mean? Lapse could remove level 10 too easily This mechanic wasn’t fun to deal with, just tedious Wrinklers are not affected at all by armor or evasion The fact that the shell armor, flarrow, alchemist grass had no impact on the effectiveness of the wrinkler was frustrating Yes, I could have used wonderwear, but then I couldn’t use sponge stone. Sending in a sponge stone/shell armor caberjack into a huge horde and having everyone take a swing was super fun, and the bigger the horde the better. When wrinklers were in the mix, I had to use my hunters to kill them first, and that thinned out the horde. That decreased the awesomeness of the experience.
  7. When I did the final battle, I didn't have any deaths and I didn't really have a sense of chaos. My heroes were able to handle the enemies too easily. As a result, I didn't get to experience a number of the mechanics that I've heard about in this thread that would have made the fight cooler. My alchemist threw his 10 flasks in the first 3 waves, and then was pretty much useless for the rest of the fight. Now that I know the mechanics a bit better, it would have been better strategically to let him die, so I could get more flasks. Also, since only 1 of the sides of the chalice was fully exposed, it was easy to put heroes between the enemies and the chalice, and the enemy never even took 1 shot on the chalice. Since my hunters and caberjacks were one-shotting everything, the seemingly endless waves didn't increase the difficulty of the fight, just the duration.
  8. Sorry if this has already been asked before, but I've almost finished the game, and I'm still unclear on the answer. What do the "eye" symbol and the "blast" symbol mean? I've assumed that "eye" means that the enemy can see you if you stand there. Though I've also had some experiences that suggest you can see the enemy if you stand there. Also, if i hover over an enemy, the eye appears over that enemy and any enemies near it. I'm not sure what that means... Does that mean that enemy is seeing the other enemies? I'm guessing the blast symbol represents how far the enemy can attack you with 1 movement. Though I'm not sure how useful that is, since enemies have 2 movements.
  9. I also second this. Anybody who has played Heroes of might and Magic will be familiar with the tactical value this feature can add.
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