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  1. Pretty pleased with my final submission! http://bit.ly/1x8OVgI
  2. Here's my personal shark sigil that I had submitted for Banner Saga, definitely want something similar for my Bloodline!
  3. Just ordered Zombicide! I've been looking for a co-op zombie game that's easier to get people into than Last Night on Earth, and hey, if it's MASSIVE CHALICE research too, then heck yes! Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! Keep em coming! NICE! Just a heads up that the cars are currently a little unbalanced, I personally never use them, and the targeting priority of fellow survivors is a little silly in regards to ranged combat. The base rules requires that all successful rolls must hit a survivor first when firing into a square with other survivors before any zombie can be hit, aka any survivor in that square must be killed by your successful shots before a zombie can be killed. The rule is very controversial amongst players, I personally house rule that all MISSES hit the survivor(s) in the square, much more logical and thematic. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the game! I definitely had a hard time trying to get players for LNOE as well, but Zombicide is pure coop fun that's very easy to get into. It's a shame you'll be missing out on the KS-exclusive promo characters such as Machete, Bruce Willis from Die Hard, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, Bruce Campbell's Ash from Evil Dead, etc.
  4. Apologies if anything remotely like this has been brought up before and posted, but from all of the wonderful ideas I've read from backers and brought up by the devs it seems there has been little discussion of how you lose the game. SO, how exactly would one lose the game? Personally, I'm a big fan of the concept of the spreading corruption of the demons on the world map and I would LOVE to see this corruption have a 'physical' consequence in-game. For example, let's say the Palace of the Immortal King is at the center of the world map, and all around the palace you have towns, cities, and bloodline castles. Hell, I'll just refer to the world map concept art that was put up this week: So you have this circle of civilization, and on the outer edge of this circle exists the demonic corruption, slowly creeping toward the center of the map to overtake the Massive Chalice itself. SO, one could assume this is how you lose the game, by allowing the Corruption to reach the middle and claim the Massive Chalice. Now this could be just one way you could lose the game, perhaps you could also lose the game similar to XCOM by losing a set amount of land/cities/bloodlines to the corruption. Herein lies the fun possibilities of consequences from losing ground to the corruption on the strategic side of the game. Let's say as the Immortal King you can construct Bloodline Castles around your perimeter of civilization, each acting as a 'safe bubble' that wards off corruption as long as you have strong/pure families inhabiting the castle. Essentially these castles are similar to the satellites in XCOM, with the inhabiting families somewhat acting as the interceptors to ward off encroaching demons. In the beginning of the game you have this large area of civilization that consequently has a huge circumference for you to protect, requiring strategic placement of castles to hold back the corruption. Naturally you can't defend the entire perimeter with what resources you have in the game, so over time you must slowly fight back this corruption in a similar manner of stamping out a wild fire, essentially trying your best to dam the ocean whose tide is slowly approaching your King's keep. Each castle can be very unique in terms of the strength of their defense, such as one castle can be strong by housing a powerful fighter bloodline while another castle can be similarly strong with a powerful mage bloodline. Castles can be 'equipped' with powerful relics to further aid in their protective strength and holding a larger 'safety bubble'. However, if a bloodline in that castle were to become corrupted from using demon technology, the safety bubble would weaken and collapse in on itself, eventually being overtaken by the demonic horde, and consequently snuffing out that bloodline as a possible outcome. Another way for these protective castles to fail would be a "dam effect" caused by the protective barrier, aka the corruption in this area has been held back for so long that it's built into a massive force of demonic horrors that over time can break through the castle's defenses and overtake it. In order to keep up such a strong defense the bloodline in that castle must grow in strength over the years to outpace the demonic corruption. If a bloodline proves to be too weak, a stronger bloodline could be moved into the castle to replace the initial bloodline there. This is where it gets interesting as you're having to balance and strategically place powerful bloodlines where they're needed most. The balance here comes that you're putting your best bloodlines at risk by putting them in the most danger, because THEY are the ones who are up to the task. I guess another way to look at it would be that the castles act as outposts, and you want your best troops at the places where the enemy is strongest. Over time, if you're not doing well, the corruption will make its way closer to your center palace. However, by having this smaller circle of civilization to protect you need fewer castles to fully protect the area unlike when you have a larger 'clean' area. This in turn allows you a better chance at rebounding from countless losses by turtling up your defenses before going back on the offensive with this smaller protective bubble you can create. However, losing that much territory should have its own consequence, such as cities being overtaken increases the demonic horde's strength by adding more numbers to their army. It would be really cool to somehow incorporate the 'consumption' of bloodlines when a bloodline's castle is overtaken, such as encountering corrupted versions of former heroes you controlled or something. Anyway, I've been rambling on far too long and it's late, so... TLDR: The game could focus on holding back an encroaching darkness by strategic placements of castles and strong bloodlines to defend the perimeter of the kingdom, failing that the game ends when the demonic corruption claims the center of the map: the Immortal King's Palace and the Massive Chalice itself.
  5. Congrats, Brad and team! Hopefully that extra $500k will bring tons more content to the game!
  6. Another favorite of mine is Zombicide , the big draw being an action RPG (you level up as you kill more zombies, which in turn spawns more zombies) that is quick, simple, and FUN in fighting MASSIVE hordes of zombies, which can easily be 50+ on the board if you're not careful. Each character starts with 3 actions (move, search, attack, special ability) and turns play out from survivor to 'AI-controlled' zombies, who come in several types from Walkers, Fatties, Runners, and Abominations. Completely customizable, and with expansions coming later this year that introduce ranged-resistant zombies and zombies that if killed in melee wound you. I would love to see Massive Chalice have a similar quick and fun action pace that this game has, and would love to see massive scale battles in similar scope in fighting demon hordes. Forgot to mention that Zombicide is a Kickstarted game, you can learn more from their Season 1 and Season 2 pages.
  7. My favorite aspect of this game is when a player becomes haunted/possessed and their goal is to kill/stop the other players from completing their objective. I would love to see heroes in Massive Chalice be corrupted to the point of joining the demon side, somewhat similar to the mindcontrol in XCOM. Nothing more tragic then having to kill a former hero, but still have the ability to save them somehow via spell or killing a key demon on the field.
  8. FANTASTIC! My friends and I have been doing Summer and Winter Championships consisting of 'super serious' gaming amongst 5 players, we'll be starting the 2013 Summer Championship this weekend actually, lol. It's best when you start roleplaying your factions and living a story through the gameplay, such as my Nazi German Space Marines nuking my friend's Siberian Bears and wiping them out in South America, bwuahahahahaha. The Bears of course never let me forget their pain after that...
  9. My favorite boardgame of all time is Risk Legacy. I would say it could be relevant research in that the game itself is a campaign of 15 games (similar to the generation leaping in Massive Chalice), and decisions and actions have a persistent effect on the board as players can establish cities, establish buff zones (ex: strengthen/weaken defenses in a territory), unleash horrible catastrophes such as nuking a country with game altering consequences, earning new skills for your faction, and even open a pandora's box of an envelope that actually says "DO NOT OPEN. EVER." if the players agree to do so. I think you guys could come up with some pretty awesome ideas for a persistent world that game events can shape and affect with long-term consequences! The big draw of the game, aside from each campaign being entirely unique from each other based on player choices, is that it becomes more complex as new game elements are added through secret packages that open upon certain game events, which can drastically change the way the game is played henceforth. I've bought 4 copies of this game as I love it so much, and at $50 each it's a big testament to its quality.
  10. Thanks for the updated FAQ, John! It's sad to hear that we won't be able to submit our own sigl designs, but completely understandable given the circumstances. Do you know how we'll be able to talk with the team on backer suggested sigils? All I want to see is an awesome shark sigil, here's the one I was wanting to use that an artist made me specifically for The Banner Saga, but would love to see something similar for my Bloodline.
  11. What I really want to know is if us $100 backers can submit our own sigil designs instead of being forced to choose from a preselected group, being approved by DF of course. If I can't use my own design then I don't really see much uniqueness in the $100 pledge and will probably drop to the $20 tier to save money. In comparison, The Banner Saga allowed $50+ pledgers to use their own designs in the game for their banners, a personal touch that I personally think is worth the value and hope DF will recognize and be able to implement.
  12. IT IS I, YOUR NEIGHBOR! Nah, representing the Midwest here in Missouri, haha.
  13. Bloodline: Sharkey Color(s): Blue/Black Sigil: Shark Motto: The hunt is on. Castle Name: The Ragged Tooth
  14. So haven't had a chance to listen to all the updates, but have they mentioned anything about possible console ports yet? Just really wanting to see a PS4 version before I pledge $100. =P
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