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  1. Not talking about the exploding flasks, I'm talking about health potions and the buff potions. Currently, the maximum of any potion you can carry on a character is 2 if you take the alchemist upgrade, and then you have to choose between that and the ability to throw items. I think a way to increase the usefulness of the alchemist would be to give them an upgrade where they get multiple potions instead of just one when you equip it on them, and make it exclusive from the tier where you choose between multiple item slots and throwing potions. That way, alchemists will have more utility as a support class, and that would free up item slots on other characters for players who are really concerned about having healing potions. Barring that, you could also have your alchemists chuck buff potions all over the battlefield. It might just be my playing style, but I find myself almost never equipping any items other than healing potions, or sponge stones when my characters get a high enough level so the HP reduction isn't so detrimental. I feel like if a player could have a character that could hold multiple potions it would encourage more diversity with equipment choices.
  2. Even if they do change the sound, I hope they keep all of the horns the same. The silliness of all the horns being the same thing is too good to lose.
  3. You can prevent getting killed by not letting any of the buds get behind you. And as for ground mouth, he wants to know a secret.
  4. As it stands, I feel like the game is a bit too vague about the consequences of your decisions. Having to rely on transcripts of news reports and whether the crowd is cheering or booing doesn't tell a whole lot about WHY these things are happening.
  5. If there was only one, it would have to be Dear Leader for me. I liked all of the prototypes but I feel like Dear Leader would be the most interesting if fully fleshed out with more than just the critical path.
  6. Wow this thread is huge. Didn't read through it all, but I was thinking about this after watching the first update. In Crusader Kings II there's a chance that a character will be homosexual, and possibly that could be used in this game as well. In Crusader Kings II gay characters have a significantly reduced chance of producing heirs. I'm thinking such a system would work well here too, if you REALLY need some heirs out of that character (like say, they are the last character you have of that bloodline) you can arrange a marriage with an opposite sex hero, but you won't get a ton of heirs, but the better option in every other scenario would be to arrange a same sex marriage, and their kingdom would produce something else besides children, maybe extra money or something.
  7. Yeah just watched the update video myself. My question has more to do with foreign nations instead of lords inside of a kingdom. Say the player's kingdom is Great Britain. You've got all the different areas like Cornwall and Gloucester, etc. and those areas have the keeps where the bloodlines live. But there's also France across the channel, and while you've got all your political maneuvering inside of Great Britain with lords fighting and backstabbing and marrying, France also has designs on your kingdom, either good or ill.
  8. Was wondering about the world at large in Massive Chalice and how it relates to the player's kingdom and the demonic invasion. Is the player's kingdom one of many? Are the demons invading the other kingdoms in addition to the player's kingdom? I think it'd be a neat wrinkle if there were other kingdoms also dealing with the invasion. I would assume that the fighting isn't always full on everywhere all the time. There would likely be periods of downtime like in XCOM where there's no immediate threat to your kingdom. However, this doesn't mean that there isn't threats to other kingdoms. Perhaps as part of the meta-game you could forge alliances with other kingdoms who would give you material aid in your quest to forge the chalice, or possibly even have underhanded rival kingdoms who see the demon invasion as the perfect time to strike at your holdings. Not sure if it's feasible to go down the road of inter-kingdom battles on top of fights with demons, but as part of the meta-game it might be an interesting idea to look into.
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