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  1. I did the $30 slacker-backer through the Broken Age website and don't have a soundtrack page on the Humble Bundle, but the soundtrack is in my Steam folder. I made the transaction on June 1st of 2013 also. Dunno why the guy above me who did it in December 2012 didn't get the soundtrack.
  2. Overall I really enjoyed it. No noticeable bugs other than the animation error with Levina's head turning sideways for a split second in a dialogue choice, didn't experience any crashes at any point. I do notice the loading error when you first load into your save and the game is kind of sluggish and stuff like speech being delivered by characters is delayed but I imagine that's the engine itself and has to do with how it loads stuff in, I'm sure if I wait before doing anything it wouldn't have that problem. Story is excellent, did NOT see that ending coming at all, I was thinking the Dead-Eye-God would turn out to be Marek as it would explain why he knew so much about the ship since if the Dead-Eye-God was Marek he'd have participated in the original Operation Dandelion. Now of course we need to figure out if Marek was good or not. Dialogue is great too and had me bursting into laughter multiple times. Subtitles are off at times (words are there that aren't said, etc.) but I'm sure that's like anything where the subtitles are based off the script but the voice-acting is never following the script 100% exact because of slight improvisations, etc. The puzzles were pretty intuitive compared to most adventure games I've played and I never felt like I was beating my head against a wall, of course, I'm sure Act 2 will be harder as Tim said in the documentary the players will understand the logic of the puzzles better at that point so you can up the difficulty to account for their experience. Bring on Act 2 and more of Harm'ny Lightbeard!
  3. In Meriloft the area north of M'ggie where the bird that knocks the ladder down is, the trigger spot where the cursor turns into the arrow to leave is far too small, should be a bit bigger.
  4. During the dialogue option "Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about this Maiden's Feast either" when Levina jumps into the conversation during her dialogue her head switches directions for a split second.
  5. They actually don't (was it in the last episode? But that's off the table, at any rate, they use their own money now), and that aside, you do not gain more revenue by restricting yourself to one site/client (Steam), but by offering it in multiple ways. Um, they did, and they funneled money from the sales of Brutal Legend into the development for Broken Age. Presumably that and the other funding they secured is for Act 1. Any money gained from sales of Act 1 (which I assume will be releasing near the end of the month) which what today's release will NOT be as it's just the beta will go towards development of Act 2. When all is said and done, a DRM free version of the game will be available. The beta was always promised to be on Steam. There may yet be a DRM-free version released at the end of the month, there may not be, and we have no idea if it will be released on other storefronts either. Nobody but DF knows the answer to that question and are currently choosing not to address it... which really doesn't bother me. What is for sure is a DRM-free version of the game will be coming out. They don't want a DRM free version of the beta out because they wouldn't want an incomplete version of the game circulating around the internet giving everyone impressions of something that isn't the final product.As to the topic of Steam itself: Yes, Steam is DRM, and DRM has been a hotly contested topic in gaming for a long time, what with SecuROM having existed on PC and stuff like Ubisoft's always-online DRM that was retired because they found it didn't work, or the latest SimCity being online only, or last year's Xbox One controversy. The problem with those is they provided no tangible benefit to the consumer while Steam does, even if it is DRM. The positives far outweigh the negatives for Steam. Free cloud saves for supported games, big picture mode, a massive library with extremely frequent sales (4 big sales a year plus daily, weekly, and weekend deals) among other things. There are other digital storefronts, some DRM-free, some not, but none provide the sheer convenience of Steam with its constant sales and wealth of features over the years. Sure, when Steam started out, it was absolutely awful, but they learned from that experience and have matured into a fairly healthy platform that is one of the biggest contributors to PC gaming today, for better or for worse, whichever way you see it. Things like Greenmangaming, GoodOldGames, and even Gamefly's digital store are fairly good too, but don't measure up to Steam. However, GoG offers the benefit of DRM-free (but doesn't get major releases of newer games) and GmG and Gamefly often offer constant coupon codes for 15-20% off new releases. Meanwhile you have things like Origin which don't offer nearly as big a library as Steam and has less features, not to mention EA and DICE royally screwing up the release of Battlefield 4 and before that EA and Maxis royally screwing up the release of SimCity on top of the game being a step back entirely from the others. Sure, Steam may somewhat have a monopoly on the PC download front, but its largely because it does provide some benefit to the consumers. Whether or not you think it provides that kind of benefit to yourself is another thing, but there are far worse options that could control the PC market than Steam.
  6. Haven't really been active but I'm willing to bet the guy from GI who posted this is the same person who did the story in the magazine that appeared really early on in the documentary. He said he was a backer... So yeah.
  7. I'd think we'll get a rough idea of the recent developments to the budgets in the documentary episodes leading up to release.
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