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  1. As far as I understand once you asign a standard to the crucible s/he gives extra xp and can give some traits to all trainees in the realm. Ofcourse I could be wrong
  2. Okey a few more first impressions after playing a few games through the start. My curent game is like 40ish years in. So first of all it kinda feels like you get punished for expanding too fast I dont know just yet but thats how it feels atm given that I have like a 6 year old regent in my caberjack keep atm waiting for him to turn into a adult so I can start using it again. Speaking if of keeps maybe its me but they dont really feel like homes. More like glorified baby making machines. Again maybe its just me but I'd love more random events even stuff that isn't important to just make the keeps feel more alive. It can just be something that pops up on the time line that you can mouse over to check like births and such becouse at the moment at least for me I have no real intrest in the keeps or the people living there. I haven't encounterd my own blood line so I cant really say anything about how I'd feel if I ran into them. As for classes Hunters are strong and I think i've never seen hunters score a glancing blow. Maybe thats one of the reasons they're kinda OP they either miss or do say like 8-12 damage at level 1. Alchemists on the other hand yeah they're nice I guese but they dont feel all to great becouse of the ammo system on there flasks. Yeah it makes sense but once they're out in early levels they become kinda useless. On the other hand I didn't know how much I loved my Caberjacks until I ran into my first bulwark. Knockback to stun them makes them pretty much a must imo. Even if they're not all too tanky in the end. As for combat. I'd love if it was far more clear about movement ranges for enemy units. I mean yeah you can check what they have and then count yourself but even when I've done that I've made mistakes at times and seen a few heros get exploded by a rupture. I'm probebly gonna restart my game a few more times and try and find a good balance in the strategy layer becouse I dont want to get a kid in charge of a keep. But hey thats just me.
  3. Oh okey thats great news then. I was sure I was missing something but hey never know so wanted to at least point it out. If I find anything more that might seem unclear in one way or another I'll be sure to point it out sense to me clarity is a really major thing having aspergers and all that.
  4. So yeah I haven't played much so far sense you know just got my grubby little mits on the beta >;3 but still. I do have one thing that is bothering me already gameplay wise. I had a instance when I was sending a caberjack? Or however you spell the name of the class against a enemy and I wanted him to show up on the right side of the enemey from my perspective. And regardless of how I moused over my enemy I couldn't change that. He was standing on the left. Granted he wasn't in any danger that time but there was foes to the left. Meaning I placed my guy in a potential danger zone simply becouse... Well I couldn't do anything else about it. Maybe its just me missing things though sense I've decided to not look into many things about the game so I can go in and explore and learn on my own so to speak. Anyways hope this helps in anyway! Now outside of that little thing. So far loving it. I'll admit it doesn't feel as much as fire emblem as I hoped but hey sassy female side of the chalice is awesome! Love her lines so far <3 Now back to playing!
  5. If animations get put in like those in FE or SRT having the option of turning them off has to be a must. Same with being able to skip them. Yeah sure I personaly love playing with the animations on in the SRT games I own. But when the diffirences with and without animations for a single mission ends up going up towards an hour or more it gets sorta tedious on the enemys turns at least. Then again thats mostly becouse they usualy out number you in those games. Though while an options menu for showing attacks could be good. I kinda do like how the SRT games does it and you have the option of changing settings before every attack. But for some I think that could be tedious aswell.
  6. If its just for the King/Queen aka player character. I dont see how it is? After all who is to say that in this world that there organised religion doesn't approve of same sex relationships. Thats up to the guys at DF to decide. Besides if they make it diffirent still images that shows and changes over the course of it. Yeah they'd need four sets of it all. But it would be a nice touch. At least I think so.
  7. Alright here is my two cents. I've been debating for awhile if I should post my view or not but eh screw it. If people are offended by my opinion well I cant do much about it. So why did I quote Brad's reply from page 3. Mostly becouse of this bit. "I don't think we should give advantages to same-sex couples, but at the same time I don't think we should disallow them." And I agree with Brad. I also think that they shouldn't disallow same sex couples. However that adds something that I thought about from a game play view. If there are no advantages to same sex couples they are something negative becouse they cant have kids. (Unless magic or something and that just makes my whole point invalid but then why have genders in the first place?) So do we want same sex couples to be viewed as something negative? Ofcourse not. I personaly belive they aren't. But from a pure gameplay point of view compaired to straight couples they are negative becouse they cant do everything that straight couples can. I have no real fix for the problem though. I've been thinking about it but in the end I cant think of something that I think doesn't make same sex couples have something negative compaired to straight couples. Ofcourse thats from just a game play point of view. And this is from what I can see from my perspective. Maybe I'm missing something completly due to my aspergers. Well then I have missed it completly. But yeah. This is how I see it.
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