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  1. This is probably a reasonable time to ask - now that GOG has its Galaxy client that supports achievements, will that version be able to be patched to have them? If it does, I promise to get the LCTCO achievement the same day!
  2. I'm 100% fine with this. It gets frustrating hearing people complain that BA wasn't released in 5 minutes, and I'm quietly raging because I know about the tech issues or recording delays etc. Let them see it, and let them see that DF wasn't just rolling in dollars for a couple of years. Also, I've gotten a much better appreciation for what goes into making a game from the documentary, so honestly, the gaming community at large could do with seeing it.
  3. Very cool...a Brütal Legend one would be awesome, although would probably resemble Deadjournal
  4. Lili likes Peter Murphy and Nick Cave aaaaaaaahsoawesome I think I recall something like Campster from a few years back, was it built/linked very recently or way back in the pre-Brütal Legend days of yore? *edit - wow, Dogan seems to have predicted Team Fortress 2's hats pretty accurately as well. BBCode is breaking the link so doublefine.com/campster/view photos/dogen photo 10.jpg*
  5. Double Fine, as always, are awesome. And you Backers? You're pretty damn good as well
  6. Ashbury-Haight during the Summer of Love. Prague (cos, y'know, it's pretty). In a city behind the front in WWI, being shamed for not joining up. In a Hollywood set town - fronts of buildings only. A mysterious world where babies are born with two heads. Mars or Venus from the covers of '50s pulp sci-fi, where people where bubbles on their heads, body suits and have elaborate laser pistols.
  7. Looks more like Lost Vikings to me since all your characters are on screen at once. In Trine you have to switch between which one is on-screen. And it definitely looks more puzzle-like and less action-y. Though still action-y. Really looking forward to this game. Lost Vikings? Man, I just changed my pants!
  8. It's like Double Fine crossed with LittleBigPlanet and I need to change my pants now
  9. As I understand it, the cost of patching a game for Xbox/PS3 is around $40,000. Per patch. This is presumably because MS/Sony do further QA on it to make sure it doesn't break XBL/PSN or mess with the console's code (the way Skyrim did on some PS3s). And hey, they probably pocket a decent chunk of that too. Source - none other than Tim himself. EA didn't want to put up the money, as BL didn't sell enough in their eyes. From what I've gathered from DF people on the forums & their Twitter accounts, the patch they made was just to undo the issues that cropped up on the PS3 from the last patch. Unlikely that there was going to be any further changes to the game in it. EA essentially screwed future customers with the poor support, but it's EA so no one is really surprised.
  10. At a guess - to fix the sound bugs reintroduced by patch 1.02
  11. That's consoles for you though. Vita, Playstation, Xbox, Gamecube - your games are always tied to a specific type of hardware. Anyway, I'm hoping Sony pushes smaller games - whilst it's probably not a good move for Double Fine to make a full $40 game for new hardware, they'd fit right in making small, downloadable games (similar to minis, but y'know, good )
  12. Thank you, worked well. For any others, if you've already set up a new account - just change the email in your new account to something else before changing it in your old account. Won't let you have 2 with the same address simultaneously.
  13. I'm personally not that fussed (people download things, glass houses etc) but my Double Fine-love pushes me into the "whatever THEY want" camp. So #1 for me.
  14. Just slightly sad because, this being the internet, someone will undoubtedly repost all the vids elsewhere for all the sites to link to. DF should do something where for every video that gets leaked out of the backing community, they put a pixel hunt puzzle in the game ;-)
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