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  1. Also Musically, would you like to make a similar post on ScummVM? There's no need for the remaster comparison part, but it would be nice to figure out a way to integrate these into the games, just as other communities are doing.
  2. This is very cool, and it eliminates the biggest cost factor for the remasters, which is redoing the backgrounds. Had the artists had these to start with, we would have had much better (and cheaper) remasters coming out. It doesn't take care of the character animations though. Most of the characters were originally designed as pixel art, and upscaling them using this algorithm would therefore create unwanted artifacts. I'd swap out the DOTT and especially the FT remastered backgrounds for these ones though.
  3. Another option is to license the game to a studio that specializes in porting games, such as Noodlecake Studios. It's possible Doublefine simply isn't built to support the porting/tech support process profitably.
  4. @TimeGentleman I hear that, but I'd like more information from Double Fine. Are they using Google's Anti-piracy feature? Each of their games says it sold 10k-50k units on the Play store. Admittedly that's low for their high-selling titles, but maybe the price point is too low to recoup the costs? Perhaps supporting only newer devices will reduce their support costs?
  5. Since DOTT Remastered has sold quite well, how about treating us to an Android version? Chances are it'll do pretty well also, especially compared to other games.
  6. OK now I see it. To see the effect, focus on Ben's jacket where it meets his shirt. It's much crisper in the ScummVM version. It's not a conventional pixel filter, since the pixels are exactly the same. Looks like anti-aliasing, making the sharp line transitions between the big pixels softer, which is an effect you don't want for a pixellated game.
  7. Also looks like some of the depth of field effects were lost.
  8. It would definitely make sense that a filter was appiled to the backgrounds first. It might have been applied to everything first, and they never got around to fixing the backgrounds fully. This remaster demanded a lot of work, and I'm guessing they didn't get a lot more money for it than they did for DOTT. In fact, having seen how Double Fine operates (in the videos), I would guess that they gave Disney about the same price tag as for DOTT, assuming that the fact that this is their 3rd remaster would allow them to make it more easily. And yet, in addition to the work DOTT needed (hi-res backgrounds, recreate audio, hi-res characters, record music), they needed to completely redo the 3d models, paint every video scene over, and expand the backgrounds to widescreen. They probably prioritized the background updates with the lowest priority -- to do only if they had money/time left. Seems like they ran out of resources before the backgrounds were fully done.
  9. Yeah I just started up in ScummVM, and that's exactly what it is. They put in a few rows that rotate using palette cycling e.g. in the clouds, giving a vague feeling of movement without the clouds ever shifting. No way to do that in higher res -- they'd have to actually animate the clouds.
  10. Hey Double Fine How about participating in the new GOG Connect program, that transfers purchases from Steam? I'd love to have my Double Fine games on GOG too!
  11. I fear that Full Throttle won't bring Double Fine as much acclaim as DOTT or Grim. First, it'll be really hard to remaster the graphics in a way that's faithful to all the different elements (2d scenes, videos, 3d models, video backgrounds). Whatever decisions they make will be controversial and turn off some people. Second, the game just isn't that great. The atmosphere is awesome, as is the lore, but the game itself is... meh. Too short, and too empty of characters (except the fights, which lack personality). Unless you make an additional mode where you lengthen the game and flesh it out, I just don't see it being worth the effort. Sorry for the negativity btw.
  12. YES! I'm glad someone has mentioned this. I actually remember the Amiga version being the most haunting. To be honest I think that's something that the MI2:SE got wrong: The tone at the end of the original actually went really dark. LeChuck was genuinely scary in MI2, but the voice actors (and the music) were directed towards comedy, and lightening the tone. That's really interesting. The Monkey Islands were definitely not straight-up comedies and was a mix of genres. I also remember being terrified by Lechuck as a kid. MI3 went in the cartoony direction, and since that's where the voice actors come from, it makes sense that they tend to be more comical. Another tone deafness that comes to mind is the fan-made Maniac Mansion Deluxe. They used the fonts and music from DOTT, but it makes no sense -- MM was barely a comedy and was far more horror-ish, which is why I can't bring myself to play the fan remake despite the improved interface.
  13. I would be much happier with the new interface if all actions were available all the time, rather than giving you extra clues by only allowing certain 'contextual' actions. Since this isn't the case, I play only with the old interface. Not to mention the fact that I like seeing the inventory open.
  14. This isn't my favorite game by far (that would be DOTT), but I'd be glad to help with pinpointing issues. Redoing the videos is going to be a huge pain, since you're going to have to redraw every single frame and there's quite a bit of it. I also don't envy your job in finding some way to replace the noisy SMUSH videos that is acceptable to fans. I'm guessing you'll want to do some proper 3d there instead. In other words, good luck! This game is going to be a challenge to remaster properly.
  15. Funny that this is one of those things old games just expected you to find out by yourself. Interfaces in the 90s didn't bother telling you this stuff.
  16. The problem is the lighting. To get the shadows and lighting as they are in the picture, with his shoulder lit up like that, you have to do 3d modeling or some very advanced 3d tricks. That's not going to happen, since they're still using the Scumm engine underneath. Except for the lighting, I think this can (and should) be reproduced in the game.
  17. That's too bad and yet potentially tantalizing. Those are treasures, and whether or not remakes are made for them, they need to be re-digitized. Just for the sake of obtaining another data point, did you guys re-sample the voices for Grim Fandango, or were the data files good enough?
  18. Double Fine guys, I don't believe I got a reply to a previous question. Did LucasArts do all its recording on DAT tapes? If so, are they all still around? Indy, Sam and Max, Full Throttle, and the Dig -- all casualties of an era when 8 bit sampling was seen as good enough.
  19. I think it's a good idea, because Full Throttle is going to be trickier than DOTT to get right. There are questionable elements in the original game (namely, the fighting), the whole steaming engine needs to be redone, 3d model integration is going to raise a lot of questions, and I'm not sure the same clean hi-res art approach will translate well to that domain. But it is still a cartoon, and one that also suffers from pixellitis, which is good.
  20. matthansen, as I said in another thread, I think you guys did a spectacular job overall. This is a game that was begging for a remaster, both because of the low bitrate of the audio and the fact that the cartoony character graphics clearly couldn't be expressed well enough using low-res images.
  21. ThunderPeel, the thing is that the Peter Chan of today isn't exactly the Peter Chan of twenty years ago. See his attached guidelines. The washing machine was definitely blended in the original, but according to Peter's guidelines, wouldn't be for the new graphics. I do think the hamster tube would be a non-player-interactive foreground element, and so should have some blending according to the guidelines.
  22. Thanks for doing a great job in general. I don't hate the tube, either. BTW, in general, I would always go with the assumption that everyone will notice everything in a remaster. I've played this game since I was 12 and it's pretty much my favorite game -- there are things I notice without knowing that I notice them Someone pointed out that the original hamster tube had a bit of translucency to it, as hinted by the dark internal circle on the left hand side. That's something I didn't notice originally, but I agree that the tube was supposed to be made of translucent plastic link. Also, the original has a mix of flat colors and blended colors that is similar to the effect Monkey Island 2 had for foreground objects: link. I do agree that much of the art in DOTT is hard to categorize though: was it trying to blend colors, or was it trying to use flat colors and just failed due to limitations of the pixels? The laundry room, however, is a more obvious example: link. Clearly there was blending in the washing machine, and I think some of the early shots for the remastered edition even had blending there, but then it was removed for the final version for some reason -- I guess to comply more strictly with Peter's guidelines. But why not follow what was there before in cases where it was an obvious decision?
  23. Interesting. If I have one niggle with the remaster (and I like 99.99% of it), it's that Peter Chan didn't seem to set the same guidelines he had when making the original. Things that were clearly filtered in the original, such as the foreground hamster tube in Ed's room, or the round window of the washing machine in the laundry room, have been turned into flat colors and don't look as good IMO. I saw in your 'making of' video that Peter made guidelines, and I paused it and read them, and I think they were a little too encouraging to make everything use flat colors rather than following the decisions that existed previously.
  24. Oliver, how does DOTT remastered's graphics scale up when you remove the verbs without causing pixellation or distortions? Is it just because the zoom factor isn't so great, or did you guys actually use vector graphics?
  25. If the audio for DOTT was available sitting around on DAT tapes, does that mean that all the LucasArts audio is sitting on DAT tapes? Indiana Jones? Sam and Max Hit The Road? The Dig?
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