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  1. Fair enough. Thanks for stopping by, here's hoping someone else is interested.
  2. *nods* Going with the Game of Thrones analogy, anyone else remember the White Book? It's a record of the exploits of every member of the Kingsguard. I'd love to see something like that in the game, even if it's not too complicated. Titles and accolades would be awesome... but just a linear narrative of the battles and events in this hero's life would be pretty damn cool too.
  3. Anyone up for Civ V? I'm primarily looking for strategy or RPG, but would definetly accept a copy of Brutal Legend if one's going.
  4. Ok, I've checked the rules, can't see anything explicitly against this. So... let's see if it can fly I've just taken over a Star Trek RP game, Starbase Prime. The premise is fairly interesting: a base established in the Delta Quadrant a few years after Voyager ended, trying to combine establishing diplomatic relations with the locals, alongside acting as a support point for those SF Ships now exploring the area. To go back to the old Western metaphor, it's the outskirts town, a combination of civilization and that frontier freedom that leads to things getting 'interesting' a fair portion of the time. We don't have a lot of players left. I'd welcome any of you guys who'd be interested in trying out PbEM. (Though this has a site for writing, making it come closer to PbP) The game, or simm, could use additional writers for any of a number of roles. If you want to try writing and RPing a character in Trek, this game could accommodate any sort of concept pretty much. Intelligence Officers, Diplomats, Archaeologists, Security Officers... whatever have you. We even have a hundred fighter craft noted in the background, looking for pilots and commanders. Anyone interested, feel free to check it out, or talk to me about it here.. Live long and prosper!
  5. DR, can I just say, I caught your 'black and red horns crest in the other thread... DAMN YOU! I mean, thank you, but damn you. Now I'm all conflicted about what I should go with!
  6. *nods* I kinda see both sides of this one. I understand the desire from individual players not to want to have their options limited just because they didn't go with the $100 Kickstarter... but at the same time, I believe that the Kickstarter backers should under no circumstances be disincentivised. $100 is quite a bit just for being able to add your name to a random text generator. My personal favourite idea would be to allow players to fully customize one bloodline of their choice each game, build it from the ground up, and leave them with free renaming abilities on individual heroes... but to leave the rest of the bloodlines to be drawn from Kickstarter. This way, everyone can show off their bloodline in a game, everyone can name whatever characters they want after their friends but the Kickstarter backers get their line inserted in a more permenant, direct feeling way. Wouldn't that work?
  7. Mine is pretty simple, though it translates poorly. "Continuance is strength" Nice, but I'm not sure how a Japanese motto would feel given the tone of the game, or if I should just keep the name. And I agree on 'image on simple background'. Perhaps, if a generator's possible, we can get one that tells the less educated among us what specific design elements are supposed to mean in heraldic terms.
  8. I think all of those are reasonable. As to my choice... well, I already put it down, but to give a mildly edited version of what I had in mind House of Minoru Black and Red Blue Horse on Black and Red Cross “Keizoku wa Chikara Nari” Alternatively “Against The Tide” Orphans' Keep. That's it. Not blatantly a copy-write offence, just me trying to honour a cool character who died a stupid death she didn't deserve
  9. This thread seems as good a place as any to talk about some points. So... what are the rules and restrictions on Bloodline naming likely to be? The reason I've got two bloodlines down is because something I was considering was naming one of them after a fictional character, Nico Minoru from the Runaways. That sounds like it'd be copywrite infringement... but the default suggestions we've been running with don't include character names, and I'm pretty sure Minoru isn't copy-written, as it's a real world name... Thoughts?
  10. Remember, the original tiers were physical rewards light. I'm personally still against the introduction of physical rewards, but they've been kept high enough that the majority of people will back at digital, thus hopefully minimizing costs there
  11. The obvious issue with it is 'what do you do for heroes of this generation who're dead? My thought would be to have their spirits lingering on the edges of the first party, and any members of the generation before still alive should be there with them. After all, MASSIVE PARTY! ;D!
  12. Personally, I look at it at the difference between a group of individuals and a unified warband or equivelent. CT reminds me of D&D, and means you have to work to make the best of each unit here and now. It also has the faster pace, somewhat, taking on more of a comic book Pow, Kapow back and forth rather than Team Turns. Team Turns, however, put more power back in the players hands in terms of possibilities and strategy. As you say, you can do all sorts of different things with it, and make much more detailed and elabourate plans, which're just as likely to go wrong. I'd say it's the better system from a games mechanics PoV, but a worse one thematically, (it works better for a squad than a band of heroes, at least in my head.) I'm personally leaning towards CT, but wouldn't have any major objection to either. It's just unfortunate that we can't hybridize these two somehow.
  13. To throw in a third take... Victory celebrations in the palace, we see all survivng heroes of the current generation at a single ball/feast/MASSIVE PARTY! ;D! We pan down to the catacombs, to see the generation one before this, dancing with one another in the tombs. Continue panning down, one generation after another, until you see your original band of heroes unified once again. They're standing at a scrying pool, looking at the party going on, and smiling to see what their descendants have amounted to.
  14. Hmm.... I can kinda back locking out House customization in game. It incentivizes backers going for that reward tier, otherwise... why should they? Is adding your infomation to what is essentially a massive list of random names worth $100, when you can pick your own later? My comparison would be the Country flags in XCom, which you can't edit no matter what. Imagine if XCom had used those as an actual mechanic of some kind.
  15. Well, I started a thread on my own choice, cause I'm not entirely sure if it's gonna be OK, or something I should do. But... WTH, I'll put down both possibilities, with some initial thoughts, though I'm not entirely sold on anything other than the bloodline names House of Minoru Black and Red Black Antlers on red shield "Keizoku wa Chikara Nari" Alternatively "You cannot dam the ocean" Sakuragard. House of Valin. White and Blue White Stars on blue shield "Ad Astra, Par Aspera" Seeker's Keep
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