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    Hi, there. I'm a creative soul from Argentina (South America). Big video game fan since a very early age (3 years-old). I write and draw mostly as a hobby. Used to program little games. Gosh, I got all rusty there. One day I might come back.
  1. Greetings, Double-Finers (is that the expression...?). I draw a weekly webcomic about a restaurant for videogame characters. Having finished (and profoundly enjoyed) the first act of Broken Age, I thought it'd be nice to add Vella in this week's page. I've translated the page to english (the webcomic is in spanish) so I could share it here. Enjoy, then, Vella's came in Bits & Bytes. In case you're wondering, that's Mama (from Cooking Mama) and Zess T. (the cook toad from Rogueport, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door). Take care. (Max)
  2. Very nice! Love the shading and the solid colors.
  3. I was there, especially for Tim. I can honestly say that Tim's speech was, without a single slice of a doubt, one of the highlights of my life so far, and also a moment of great inspiration to keep my creativity top-notch. I also handed him an envelope with a special piece of fan-art and one (also special) comic strip as an homage to LucasArts after the closure. Was that a bit too "crazed fan"? There were many crazed fans, there. (there even was Manny Calavera. That was *awesome*) (Max)
  4. Very cool. Perhaps it feels a bit empty on the right side, but that's just a minor nitpic. The shapes and colors (and textures, too!) loo awesome. Well done!
  5. That was beautiful. I am regretting SO much not having had the time to record my own video. Not so it would have been picked for the main video (heck no! my english is awful!) but just, JUST to be part of the whole thing. There is passion in the selected ones. Keep up the awesome work. :-)
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