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  1. Alchemist / Caberjack - an Alchemist that uses knockback bombs and is more melee focused. Demolisher Alchemist / Hunter - an Alchemist that uses heavily damaging precision single tile bombs. Dissolver Caberjack / Hunter - a sneaky Caberjack that can stealth around the map! ! JackRabbit Caberjack / Alchemist - a Caberjack that uses flask explosions on the tip of his Caber. SplatterJack Hunter / Alchemist - a Hunter that can shoot flasks with his crossbow. PopShot Hunter / Caberjack - a Hunter that’s all about getting point blank shots and fighting from close® range than normal. BlunderJack (sort of like blunderbus)
  2. Easy fix just save after every move. Like Darksouls. So say a hero dies, the games saves as soon as that happened or at the end of the turn? The latter gives me enough time to ctrl+shft+esc. It will need to save every time anything happens in the game, but I suppose that could work. It still leaves the main issue unsolved though, which is forcing gamers at large to not save scum. I think most players save scum to some degree. Imo, making iron man the default game mode is not wise, not matter how much story explanation . I know we would like to force all players to enjoy the pleasure of losing, but this smacks of a very 'we know best' attitude. So I guess I need to ask: Is the goal to have a story explanation for iron man mode? Or is the goal to have a story explanation to justify iron man mode as the main game mode? You save before the hero's death is shown to the player, so even if they turn off the computer the autosave persists. The goal is to merge the ironman and non ironman play-styles such that you don't feel compelled to save-scum every time something bad happens. while at the same time giving the opportunity to ironman players to change their mind after selecting iron man mode. I generally dislike making critical gameplay choices at the Start game screen.
  3. How about an anchor mage, he starts casting a spell over 3 turns, at the end of the cast you have the option of going back 2 turns. or staying where you are.
  4. I am not talking about restricting saving, I am talking about restricting loading. Penalty occur when you load anything but your primary auto save, but you can save any time. although restricting potential is an interesting idea. perhaps certain weapons or skills that can't be used.
  5. Exactly, this happens fairly early in the game, the twists that come later are so massive that I don't even consider this a twist. The developers could take it either way, There could be minor inconveniences for loading, and Xcom Iron man mode, or free save load and then a harsh version of this, replacing ironman. this decision could be stalled to late in development based on how volatile the game is.
  6. One of the other callers suggested a limited save style like hitman or resident evil. I don't think this fits in a turn based game because save-scumming is typically loading the same save multiple times. My idea was to Incorporate loading into the lore, where each time you load a game besides your autosave you are abandoning that world. That world then becomes unhinged in time and makes the demons, who are outside of time stronger. It also means you could have evil versions of your strongest heroes come back from abandoned autosaves who curse you for abandoning them. also heroes who died in alternate timelines might have psychological problems ala Bioshock infinite. The only game I am aware that does this is Animal crossing, with mister Resseti. Perhaps an origin story to the demons? any other thoughts on how to encourage ironman with mechanics are encouraged it is a interesting design space.
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