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  1. This (sub)Forum feels kinda dead. just asking here since i know you are around KestrelPi have there been any updates im missing? apart from Update 2 and the devsplaning post above thanks in advance
  2. I don't know anything about it, but at a glance, it does appear to be a bit of a cesspit. well what did you expect. At some point a state is reached where you can say anything and it will be used against you *shrug* its not like it harmed the funding of Tims further business in any way significantly. you will earn critics anyways even more if you are a "prominent" figure, always listen to what may be valid and otherwise /Ignore would be the best approach.
  3. Undertale is definitely the game of the year for me 2015, maybe even in the last 5 years. The storytelling is superb for what it wants to tell. and for once i can see that the developers forsight was INCREDIBLE.
  4. I thought it was already at rest. i thought so as well. for peace sake i will not answer his post. I do not think that any sensible discussion is to be had here. EDIT: to clarify, this forum is not. if anyone want to help me understand this position, or is open to further their hoizon themselve im more than happy to provide.
  5. After the success of the campaign, the only way I could see them NOT funding most future projects through Fig is if somehow Psychonauts 2 was a massive critical failure or something. And I really can't see THAT happening. i wonder about that, Psychonauts 2 is continuing a very succesful (inghindsight) IP with cult status. im not entirely sure if you can say that it will success so easily. In general i think that fig is a natural and good evolution for crowdfunding though, lets hope it will steals KS spotlight there a little bit. I wish everyone (including DF) success with their projects though, naturally.
  6. nah, thank you. All the power to the great games
  7. I definitely agree. I also think a banning maybe issued. for what exactly? i guess you are refering to me?
  8. woohoo, congrats again Doublefine !
  9. basic rationalism? uhhh basic rhetoric? EDIT: yes, now i see that some people are not capable of calm discussion. *sigh* i will stop to rile you up now. phew, lets see each other again then when interesting news happen on Psychonauts 2
  10. There does not NEED to be a (derisive) label for people who DON'T condone sexism, racism, homophobia, and other bigotry. This isn't "a war of two equal opposing sides" this is a case of ordinary, decent people standing up against a VERY small but VERY loud group of abusive cyber-terrorist bigots. If you absolutely need a "label" to slap on non-sexists etc. how about "socially progressives"? oh boy, wow... were should i begin, thats the classic "if you are not a X you are a part of Y" ? i dont support any illegal activity, neither sexism, racsim or bigotry i have no qualms with homosexuals either as im bisexual. im still not part of the SJW. such arrogance, holding your views upright is a good choice, fighting for it is a good choice. thinking it is the only valid one is not. i said in the other topic how the word "progressive" sounds to a german. something akin to "better than the other" i do not agree that it is better. it is radical in a lot of ways, and while there are certainly some good ideas coming up occasionally not even half of them are. if i said non-sexists that would make anyone else a sexist yes? omg, this is so wrong. im a socialist, pretty liberal actually but far left other wise. i do not hold all the ideas coming up as progressive at all, some are outright regressive.
  11. but i was not talking about "corrupt policies that are supported by the party" because here is where the comparison stops making any sense. its a difference between 1 person making a death threat and claiming he is part of gamergate and gamergate making a pressrelease stating a death threat. i was talking about a individual taking money from people without knowledge from the other members of the party. if you claim it was the above thing, please give me EVIDENCE so i can reflect on it. I have not yet seen either the SJW (im still naming them this way because nobody has provided a better term) not GG saying that they have supported a certain threat openly as a collective. EDIT: and the worst part is , that im playing the devils advocate here. im not part of gamer gate and i do not want to defend them. stop trying to tell me how bad GG is, i know. That doesnt make the other side better you know? omg.
  12. ah the famous "if you are not on my side you are on theirs" perspective. i will need a name to call them by i mean how should i otherwise refer them to? i have seen these tags already so at least a few of them associate with the name? i have no clue and dont particulary care, i didnt come here to defend gamergate in any way. why would i? i just answered a postwhere someone asked about this whole topic, and contested the only existing opinion that was answered. thats all.
  13. yes, right. from your extrem perception that may be a valid comparison. i would say its mor a long the lines of: just because there is a corrupt politician in the republican party does not make all of them corrupt. but oh well, yes it was a nice debate, kind of amusing from my perspective
  14. @Thunderpeel uhh interetsing backpedal? no, i do not doubt that this threats existed, and never have. What i doubt is that you can make SJW or GG responsible for any of them. i guess the part above describes better what i think. I hope you can live with that. again, my "beef" with both groups is that i think both ideologies are faulty. That is the bad thing about them @EPIC: i wholeheartedly agree, thanks for your input. it was not my intention to spark such a debate. and its is alone my fault that i do feel the urge to respond to people if they ask me questions or question my believes. EDIT: whoops sorry pressed the wrong button <.< this should have been an edit, not a quote. sorry
  15. hrm, interesting question. not entirely. im pretty much with DaK on this. What im trying to say is the following: analyse the good things about an ideology, reflect and adapt. Humans can make a lot of wrong decisions, and there is no reason to try and categorize a group such a person is in on the decision of the individual. These "groups" in itself have no merit, there will be no two persons thinking the same when they think about Social justice or GG they may be close, but never the same. Instead we should think about bettering us as individuals. We do improve, not only ourselve, but society in dialogue not in building fronts towards each others. "joining" or working in a group only leads to excrutating arguments toward the group with the differing ideology.
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