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  1. This playlist mix running as background music to the art is the best thing ever. Blade Runner, Ambient Melodic Trance, Noir, Funk... I noticed you're using Spotify there at Doublefine. HOW DO I FOLLOW THIS? I need to spin these Doublefine Grooves at my own workplace. For serious. Tell me that this is from a curated stream somewhere and that I can at least get a track listing.
  2. Just give me an Uber-Etherial style mask or differentiating prop on a few of these big'uns and call them something different in the text box. Forgetfulness lord, etc. or something of the kind. Maybe throw some new powers or unique abilities. It's nice to want things, but you know... Kickstarter. Hopefully the game'll do well enough to merit expansion.
  3. Welp, just watched Teamstream 12. Digging the Salt Stacks, pleased to see that everything seems to be ticking along smoothly. Glad to hear that the Vanguard may still have a chance of making it in the end. I'm hoping that once production gets rolling in earnest we may find that there's some available time to try to flesh ot on classes. Come on... one more corruption enemy. You can do it guys! I'm not currently seeing in the roster any role analagous to the Squad Leader / Tactician type character -- a very rare archetype in tactical video games but always my favorite. You know, guy who doesn't do large amounts of damage in and of themselves but who brings the ineffable edge to the party, allowing them to fight better through sneaky abilities like messing around with initiative, inspiring others or conveying buffs (think holo-targeting in XCOM) healing teammates, allowing people to fight harder, better, stronger and synergize better as a group. I liked DF's idea (mentioned way back in the day) that all the units in the game used to have "day jobs" before the demons arrived, and that the Vanguards were the old military types. Taking charge, inspiring the laypeople, leading the assault. Think Captain America's role in the current imagining of the Avengers. Not the heavy hitter, but the guy everyone turns to when things are at their worst who has the morale boosting power and battlefield presence to turn the fight around. In my mind, the Vanguard was similar to what D&D 4E was doing with their Leader role, especially the Warlord. Guy whose powers almost all served to improve the strength of teammates by doing things like granting extra attacks or bonuses to teammates when engaging foes, giving units "saving throws" at critical moments to shrug off status effects, locking down bosses mano-a-mano so the rest of the team could pile on. That kinda thing. Once upon a day I wrote up a big post that detailed some rough brainstorming for conceptualizing the 12 different prime and hybrid classes and what made them all disntinctive. It's still around if anyone there at Doublefine is scratching their heads and wondering what might be the difference between an arbalist-caberjack and a caberjack-arbalist. That was back when the Hunter class had a falcon of course. Aah, la plus change. Looking forward to the next teamstream. Massive Wee everywhere.
  4. Nice stream guys, but... gotta say, **seriously** disappointed that the Vanguard is now a cut feature. I was 100% onside with the concept of 2 melee, 2 ranged classes with differentiators for each -- seemed like a great balance for a game in which most of the fighting was up close and personal. Now things are just getting kinda weird in here. Maybe I missed the justification, since I was about 10 mins late signing on to the stream but what was the rationale exactly? In my mind at least the Vanguard and the Caberjack were quite functionally different units - different at least as the nimble swordmaster is from the stumpy, tanky knight in Fire Emblem. You had your perfect square of leader/support, defender/tank, striker/dps and controller/debilitator and now you don't. So.... I know that the DF team is proud of defying genre conventions and being all quirky and eccentric and all that, but you know guys it is possible to take a certain thing so far. Your promo art had a family beating back the hordes with bows, swords, swords, axes and spells. Fairly definitive fantasy stuff, if slightly vanilla but easily understandible to Joe Backer. Now, as I understand it, we will be passing down to our ancestors uh... cabers, jai-halai scoops and bowzookas but NOT swords, axes, bows, spells and what have you. I guess what I'm saying is that it's starting to feel a little cute for the sake of cute for my taste in here. I think the sword, just a straight up sword (even if it was also a tuning fork) helped bring the craziness down to earth and keep things grounded in the realm of a fantasy game. I'm having difficulty feeling the tone of the game at this point in time. I hope there will still be time to reconsider some of the class choices and hopefully add that holy quadrangle back in there. I thought that an important point of MC was that it was taking the XCOM formula but putting a melee combat twist on a lot of the gameplay. Now, if every melee attacker in the game is some dude swinging a giant log then... I don't know. Something just doesn't feel right about that. If I were cutting classes I would have started with the alchemist. That said, pretty heartened at the solid progress I'm seeing on the technical level. I trust you guys to right the ship and get things working well. Just part of the pitfall of the sausage making being there for everyone to see, I guess.
  5. I totally agree. Even if I'm in for a hundred bucks on the kickstarter, I'd chip a few more coins into the tip jar for character customization if they floated it as an add-on for X amount of dollars. $1m sounds like a lot to make a game, but it's really not. I'm already astounded by what they've done with the resources they have.
  6. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to see everyone's snazzy mustache and how different that is from everybody else's snazzy moustache. Would I trade that feature for the alternative of having deep, fleshed out hybrid skill trees? No. If something has to give, cosmetics are lower down on the list of nice-to-haves above core gameplay. That said, I hope we get plenty of hair/skin tone/ tabbard and maybe some face swaps. Fire emblem used the same bodies for everybody and the character of each of those units came through easily just with color and a special face. Kind of depressing to see this element of the sausage making up close and out in the open, but it was always there. Just farther from view in projects which are not crowdfunded.
  7. Chiming in on the thread: In general, you want your enemies to fulfill roles: Minion, artillery, brute whatever. The less overlap between them the better... and as the thread has pointed out: Chess has only 7 pieces but it does a lot. I was however sad not to see at least a "2 demons per family" symmetry going on -- this seemed like a given once the pictures started rolling, but that's just my completionist talking. Only one corrosion demon but two of everybody else seems like a seriously missed opportunity, and I hope that if some extra resources are discovered they can be applied to having some other kind of creature in that wheelhouse for the full 2-per family spread -- I think I could be happy about that. Hard to get a feel for a particular family's flavor if the family is a family of 1. I will bow to the devs and their design document however. What I know about rigging modeling and budgeting for same is essentially zero, so if you say that animation and iteration time necessitates just these 7 guys, then OK I believe you. At least there's a lot of variety in there. The time killer isn't anything like the spawner, and this is good. I think I remember on the teamstream someone saying that there might be 'upgraded' versions of certain creatures, which would go a long way towards variety. You know, regular spawner, foul spawner, weird spawner -- each of which may be subtly different in terms of powers while keeping to the same basic template of "long range artillery with a side order of controller". I didn't really see anything in there approximating a vanilla soldier demon or a lurker demon. Let's see what our chesspieces are: - Expendable Kamikaze Striker w/a side order of control (exploder) - Hard Mid-Ranged Controller Mastermind (Forgetfulness mage) - Tanking brute hit point sponge (forgetfulness brute) - Long range artillery / controller (spawner) - Harassing melee minion (grub) - Ranged striker (bonethrower) - Scary melee elite (timekiller) Seems a bit light on melee baddies for a game in which people get up in people's business with swords a lot. One thing I notice you don't have yet in the classic set of bad guy role tropes is a solid lurker. That is "a creature who specializes in stealth tactics and pouncing on and picking off guys who try to be heroes and wildcat it on their own". Ususally super dangerous one-on-one, easy to kill with a prepared party. Proposed: CamoLurker (Corrosion?) Function: Living traps that hide inside terrain features, terrorizing PCs and make them paranoid. Strong initial attack, moves into foot soldier role once discovered. Description: Corrosion demon with an uncanny knack for seeping into and corrupting battlefield landscape from the inside out. Has the ability to mimic items or tiles in the environment, lurking stealthily inside rocks, trees and whanot and biding their time before pouncing on PCs. In essence, every tree, rock or table in the environment could be a secret "alien egg" just waiting for a chestburster to spring from it. When disguised, this demon waits for PCs to draw close then opens confrontations with a terrain-rupturing surprise pounce attack that triggers on "demon overwatch" - ie. during the PC's move phase (unlike other demons). If successfully pounced, a unit will be immobilized inside the lurker, unable to move or attack at range while being dissolved by the corrosive acid inside their blankety innards. Lurkers have a small flagellum which they can use to punch other heroes attempting to free their comrades while they are dissolving a PC, but are not otherwise awesome fighters. If a lurker successfully kills a PC, that character is dissolved and the lurker attempts to hide and lurk again. "Glancing blows" on lurkers who are trapping PCs inside them hurt the trapped person. Has higher than normal stealth characteristics. On enemy movement phase, un-lurks, tries to move to a more advantageous piece of terrain closer to PCs, lurks again. When cornered, will fight gamely with their flagellum and maybe spit acid on people. Maybe higher level lurkers have the ability to mimic terrain rather than just lurk inside existing terrain. "Waaaaait. Was that box there before?" Can be easily discovered and exposed by blast/burst effects, like alchemist's ranged flasks. Suspect that that suspicious rock is secretly a clutch of lurking corrosion demons? Throw fire at it. High level lurkers have the ability to convey the "lurking horror" genetic trait on PCs who took big damage while enveloped. This trait once acquired will cause a new lurker to suddenly rupture out of the chest of the infected PC anytime from 1 year to 40 years in the future from the time of the attack Obviously, this kills the PC. "Lurking horror" is inheritable and passable to descendents. It may or may not be curable.
  8. BRAD, I'M GLAD YOU"RE EXCITED Those comps are bad ass. Just wanted to include a note that says I hope that the forgetfulness demons include the ability to temporarily (or permanently?) cause a player to lose access to some of their tactical abilities. Seems like a no-brainer, I know.
  9. I totally agree with the initial poster here that descendents (or at least lineage) of the houses is your primary 'currency' of MC and I +1 the favoring of this over a general backdrop of money or resources or what-have-you. Talking about gil or diamonds or the country's coffers is a little strange when your timeline stretches into the hundreds of years. Watching those days fly by makes you take a macro-level view. The problem that I see developing is what I'll call the FTL paradox. They want random tactical-layer events in the vein of FTL, which is great... but FTL had about a million currencies inside its systems - crewmembers, weapons, blueprints, resources (of multiple kinds), ship damage, etc. etc. so it was no problem writing a thousand events that could impact these in multiple subtle ways. Go down to planet, lose crewmember but gain spaceship parts. Discover alien race but lose time racing against the wall of the pursuing fleet. Super easy to just freestyle events all the live-long day. In MC I'm not currently seeing a similar breadth of currencies available to the player. I'm sure they're be there in time... but they're... what... relics, characters, bloodlines... uh... Strangely it doesn't seem as micromanagey as FTL despite managing little dudes on a map, so you have less options at your management disposal. I liked in XCOM how there was a fluctuating budget for this and that that you had to manage over the timeline, with a re-up each month as long as you had countries onside with the program. You had to assess 'funding' in relation to how many plasma rifles you could afford to buy or how many satellites you could launch, with a single currency that you could prop up if you needed to by selling the bodies of sectoids or whatever on the grey market. In this scenario I guess the main currency of the land is... population? Is there a population counter over each region? Corruption? Is there a corruption counter? Can you have an event like "chase the white hart!" that has some impact beyond just "you get a new character" or "your character learns a skill a little early?" We're not sure. Whatever it is, it shouldn't be gold. 100% agree on that front.
  10. Awesome thread. My two cents: Fossilization / Calcification - cracking sounds. Get over to a slaughterhouse, grab yourself some ham bones and start putting them in vices and hitting them with heavy things while the tape recorder plays. You know that rrrrrr-POP sound that happens when you bend something like a small dowel and it strains then snaps? Everything should be like that. Like, every step they take should have a sort of straaaaaain snap effect to it. Like the effort of hauling your foot out of quicksand or deep snow only to have to haul it out again on the next step. Rock grinding against rock. Forgetfulness: The rewound tape recorder sound is a great idea, as is silence, though it's hard to do well. I agree that for some kind of super attack you should do the 'mute everything to 5%' treatment, maybe just with ragged breathing overtop of it, Dead Space hard vaccum style. Other times, fuzzy fizz like static, especially for demon hissing. Put some scraps of songs or dogrel subtly in the backgroudnd, like you were listening to a wedding very faintly from over the hill far away. Spinning the dial on a shortwave radio with who knows what coming in over the airwaves from eastern Mongolia. Growth / Mutation: Bubbling retorts. Record a bunch of ordinary effects under water so that it has that bloop blarp sound to it. Throw some ham steaks around, get that wet meat slapping sound when creatures walk. Whisk branches of leaves around so that things sound like wind blowing through a forest at night. Corrosion / Rust: Sounds like Silent Hill. Clanging, kind of industrial sounds. Winds blowing, desert.
  11. Yeah, it's a pivot. Rocks back on the arm joint. Slam forwards like a jackhammer on a swing into demons for great justice. I see no reason why the caber in "carrying mode" couldn't or wouldn't have a bandolier strap or a shoulder harness so that it was slung sideways like HWG and his minigun while you're lumping it around the battlefield. I also think it should have a couple of handles in different points for different caber modes. Using the caber with the hip-slung harness for door and shell cracking, but maybe two grips on the base for when the caber is held at attention in throwing mode? ... and as a barrier would be something you'd do "crossbar style" with a different set of handles. You know, classic garbage compactor scene with one guy holding up huge crossbrace horizontally to stem the closing walls.
  12. I am digging this visual character sheet interpretation. Stylish! Nice illustrations, great flavor.
  13. You guys want to SWAT team it. Back hand hold in the grip style, forehand holds in the style pictured above. Like a minigun. TIME TO LET OL' PAINLESS OUT OF THE BAG.
  14. Pretty sure that they said in the teamstream that a relic can only be advanced one tier per generation. Starts out at "normal sword" and then generation 1 can take it to "heirloom sword" - XP 500 Next guy has the potential to take it from XP 500-1000 for "relic sword" over a lengthy career if he performs well. Next gal can take it from XP 1000-1500 for "epic sword", etc. And the seventh son of the seventh son can take it to "Legendary Sword of Legendaryness" at XP 2000 where it stays. This is assuming they they all a) Live long enough to get there b) Fight often enough with that sword to get there Weapons that fail to meet their threshhold sit forelornly at XP 495.95 and wait for the next guy, I guess. Maybe dying with a legendary blade in your hand confers a -50% xp penalty to the weapon so you have a bit of a hump to climb again if you don't reach your goal. Can't be that legendary if their master croaked with it in their hands now, can it? Also from the teamstream: No hats, armor, gear or other equipment are going to be relics. Just weapons. The rest of the stuff goes through the normal research tree upgrade process. I liked Blood Bridle's narrative explanation of how swords and cabers require that mythic power bump from ancestors to actually *hurt* demons (because: timestream?) which is why researching them would make no difference. Hats and coifs? Still OK to stop fireballs thrown at you even from demonic sources, especially if mithral or what-have-you. Doesn't explain how level 1 weapons can be effective against the hordes but yadda yadda, power of unity and bloodline togetherness when fighting even with basic weapons, murmur murmur. Have we discussed having rare badass types of demons who have the equivalent of the old D&D "Can only be hurt by +1 weapons and above?" property? Because those would be scary. Non-relic weapons do only 25% base damage or something. Maybe even uberboss superdemonlord guys who can only be hurt by weapons of +2 and above? Non-legendary weapons need not apply? Flipside: Demons who can only be hurt by demonic weapons, take 1/4 damage from anything else. Hmmm.
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