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  1. So, I was playing LPBB, talking to Big Leg. And I know that eventually you're supposed to end up in the house. But nothing I did progressed the game to the house. I tried asking Big Leg about it, I told Big Leg I wanted to go to the house, I went towards the house, I told Big Leg to follow me... nothing I did got me into the house! I would have kept trying but then the Knife bud slit my throat, so that didn't work out too well. Is there something specific I need to do to go to the house? Or did I just do something wrong and we would have ended up there eventually no matter what? I know I was pushing Float Bud away a lot (His laughing track just kept looping, so I tried to get him to go away so it would stop, which didn't work), so did that piss the BB off so they killed me?
  2. So, I'm really amazed at what Double Fine can pump out with 2 weeks of concentrated work during Amnesia Fortnight. I only recently got the 2012 prototypes, and they're fantastic considering the amount of time they took (not much). The thing with Amnesia Fortnight is that obviously things can't get to their "final" state or be polished to the degree you'd like due to time constraints. So, besides the obvious answer of "12 o'clock midnight on the final day," at what point can you call your prototypes "finished"? Meaning, when are they in a position where you feel like you've done all you can with them?
  3. This is kind of a paltry addition compared to some of these other suggestions, but I'm 110% for the "WICKED BONG" suggestion. Especially since then, you don't actually need an adviser. Just have "Consulting my Adviser" be the Immortal Ruler's code for taking a hit. EDIT: Oh, also, I actually really like the idea of the adviser being a Demon of some sort. It would explain pretty well how you know what kind of demons you're facing (like their official names, abilities, and such) and what kind of things you could research with access to their corpses or other things gathered from demons. Like, you get some sort of awesome blade from an enemy, and your Demon Adviser says "If I recall, the material this blade is made from is actually a precise mixture of several common elements. Perhaps if you studied it you could find the correct mixture and create the material yourself?" and then BOOM "Demonite has been unlocked for research!"
  4. Bards are awesome! They're decent in a fight, they can cast cool magic, and they can negotiate if a fight isn't viable! Despite this, Brad Muir has flat-out denied the inclusion of Bards in Massive Chalice (see Teamstream #3). This is an outrage I refuse to stand for! Fellow bards, bard-lovers, and bard-likers, I implore you, let your voices be heard here! Let us not allow the musically-disinclined to once again put us down! Let your voices be heard!
  5. I know they mentioned mixing classes wasn't going to happen, for fear that it would get too complicated, and they were instead going for a Final Fantasy Tactics thing, where there was your abilities for your class (based on the bloodline) and a secondary ability from another class (based on who the head of the bloodline had children with). What I was asking was, of that pool of primary classes, how many can we expect to see, and what sorts will there be? Also, what will the ratio be between relatively standard classes and original or less conventional classes?
  6. I had a couple of questions about the classes that would be present in Massive Chalice. First of all, I know Brad Muir talked about wanting to have classes that weren't typical fighter-rogue-wizard classes, similar to what Brazen did. However, what kinds of classes are you planning on having in Massive Chalice? Will they all follow a "standard classes with deviations" formula, will they be very new or relatively unused character classes (I, for one, would love to see classes closer to stuff like Blue Mages or Dragoons from Final Fantasy), or if both are used, what will the mix be? Also, it was mentioned during one of the livestreams that there would be a set number of keeps you could use to hold on to bloodlines and, by extension, classes, and as you got more keeps more heroes could be recruited via a traveling mercenary or guild that would give you more classes to work with. Will there only be certain classes you can get at the beginning of the game from the randomized heroes you start with, and have the potential to get more classes as the game goes on? Or will all classes be possible to get at the beginning of the game? Finally, I know that the multiple bloodlines and heroes is an important part of Massive Chalice. But will it be feasible for someone to use only one class throughout the entire game? Or will they have to use multiple classes and kinds of heroes to stand a chance? Thank you very much! The videos and livestreams you guys are releasing are awesome! I'm super hyped for this game, and production hasn't even started yet!
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