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  1. I researched focusite and accidentally tapped on the description before being able to read it fully. I noticed that it's listed under the meteorite combiner menu, but when I read the descript. for each level of focusite that's made, it says + % of focus. Does this mean that focusite makes you use MORE focus than usual? I thought the idea was to make it use less, but the plus sign (+) makes it looks like it's a spoof item that's there as a joke (like how a certain green crystal affects a famous comic superhero), or it's in the game to make it more challenging. I'd like to figure this out on my own if possible, but I don't know how to collect/create the presumed purple meteorite shards that are one of the ingredients needed to make focusite. I'm also guessing that meteorites can't be researched anymore, since I only downloaded the game recently (early June) and I don't see a way to do that. Maybe the game design has changed since then? Any help on this topic would really be appreciated!
  2. So far, I've captured every tough-level crook except Slapshot (hockey mask) cos I fought him once and lost when I forgot that Hard Deadline puts you on a time limit. I've got very little superium and way too many coins to spend. Are there REALLY 10 superheroes? I only have 9, including Gloomerang, and I don't have the magic Crowbar character. I seem to have that bug that says there's something new to buy in the shop, but I don't see anything new, or, at least, nothing with the 'new' label next to it, so my only only guess right now is that I can buy a new hero after encountering Crowbar, yet I don't have enough superium yet to check I DID buy the superium tree today, though, cos I like the idea of gradually accumulating more and more superium over time I have the problem with the to-do list in that I can't buy any more costumes, though it seems that I can still complete the 'manage a hero to level 5' task simply by continuing to promote heroes at higher levels than level 5: go fig, or maybe that's a quick-fix compromise so I can still complete that task, even though it's not technically accurate? I also can't see all the items in my inventory when I have a lot of items. The game is still fun, but I wish there were tougher enemies to fight, besides the criminals that I keep fighting despite having already captured them I LOVE fighting longer battles, but my power rating for most of my characters is high enough that I beat them all in one hit and I can't savor the moment lol. I wish I could redistribute my stat points: kinda like in some action-rpgs. Also, during battles, the same kind of prob happens with being able to see my items after having bought the juicer and coffeemaker, etc., because the yak milk items are listed to the far right of the screen, after the refilled juice and coffee icons, which don't offer as good a bonus as yak milk, and esp. with a touch screen, it's hard to access the yak milk icon asap as needed. I'd LOVE more characters, however, and I'd be happy to spend more real money on them
  3. OOPS, I messed up. I found the answer to my prob in the glitches thread, since I thought it might be a glitch. I used hard deadline like someone else did, and I didn't notice the timer on-screen, at first. I also didn't remember using it every time when I suddenly lost a tougher battle. My main strat was to keep replenishing yak milk to last longer. I'm SURPRISED, though, that you can defeat a 3500-health crook in 4 attack rounds or less!, but then again, this is the closest I've ever come to playing an rpg/strategy game lol so I'm a tad new to this genre, and I usually do a lot of healing and debuffs so I can attack more often with my ranged fighter (instead of having all 4 characters simply attacking). I just want the battles to last longer cos it's more satisfying to me that way Thanks for the input!
  4. I've decided that Hot Head is my fave' character, but I still want my whole team to get damage bonuses from meteorite fragments, although I suppose picking the green shard would hurt my enemies just about as much. It'd be cool, though, if I could get electric damage fragments for Surge Protector, etc.
  5. YEP! I already bought all the costumes too, and I can't achieve that objective on the 'to do' list anymore, either The only reason to keep trying to complete them is to get an occasional point of superium. I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but I wasn't surprised. I only have 1 piece of equipment left to research, so I was already wary of that, too. As for managing a hero to level 5, it didn't really make sense, cos I could complete the objective after promoting a hero to a higher level. I've got SO many coins now, but all I want is superium!, so I can buy meteorite fragments and 'rush' through researching or training.
  6. WOW! I'm surprised that Galaxy Girl is so popular, but not Sweet Justice. I actually also started with GG, but not SJ. I like characters who seem to have NATURAL powers (either metahumans/meta-aliens that were born with their powers, or characters that are members of a super race of beings). I FINALLY noticed last night that the characters have employee profiles, which I couldn't seem to access, at first. Hot Head seems to be a natural pyrokinetic--when he gets mad, he heats up; literally. I like that, and it's funny lol. Captain Premium's origin of his super-strength seems even more unclear (but not mentioned as an accident), and Gloomerang's powers are already described as mysterious. Sweet Justice just wears a power suit. Also, he looks like the typical, popular crime fighter, which seemed a bit too generic to me, but his name is similar to the name of the game, and he was one of the 1st 3 characters that I was allowed to hire when I started the game, before I realized that if I EXIT the recruit screen and re-enter, the character availability changes randomly each time, which seems very important! Before I read the profiles, I loved Surge Protector, but now it seems that her powers were the result of yet another typical comic-book accident, despite her saying her powers were from mother nature Now I'm back to deciding I want Hot Head on my team as my main, with Masked Mummy and Galaxy Girl being my defense (enemy debuff and healing abilities), as well as Gloomerang replenishing my energy (although I buy a lot of items to do that, as well). Premium is my alt pick
  7. First off, I wanted to mention I LOVE this game and I'm glad I found out about it! I already beat the final boss, but there are still 2 'most wanted' thugs I can't beat. I'm really confused because I was using a maxed out team with maxed abilities and I tried using a variety of different items and equipment in combination, but to no avail. Meathooks, e.g., has a power rating of 150 and 3500 health!!!!! The WORST part is that when I fully healed my team, the battle almost seemed to be on a timer, cos suddenly he just smacked my whole team with one hit for an INSTANT victory; as if he got tired of fighting me: no matter how close I got to finishing him and no matter how many times I fight him. Is there a limit to how many times I can hit some of the thugs? Is this because I fought him after beating the final boss? On a side note, the first time I fought the final boss, the same thing happened when I was about to finish him, because he suddenly KO'ed my whole team even though I kept healing everyone! It almost seems like a glitch! I thought the final boss was hard enough, in terms of that learning curve, as mentioned in the other post, but this is NUTS! Also, I've been able to win with a 'chance of victory' rating of only 29%, I think, but when I try to assemble a team to beat the thug, I can't even get the percentage up to 29% or increase it as I switch characters, powers, and items/equipment! Does he have a weakness I don't know about, or something?
  8. I have the same problem with not being able to see everything at the bottom of my inventory. I have ipod touch 4th and it seems to work fine, though. I think I have 6.1 ios still.
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