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  1. Agreed. I love the documentary, but how much edited footage do they have now -- 12 hours? Something like that maybe? Would be so hard to edit it down further for a feature-length film like Indie Game Movie (imagine all the cool stuff they're going to have to cut), but they really should. I'd buy it, despite already watching every episode that's posted. I totally agree. Actually I enjoyed watching the documentary even more than playing the game. There are many suggestions on the forum on how to help you guys but we backers have one thing in common; we all had some money to spare. So if an extra developer is needed, just run a campaign and I'm sure that some of us will fund that. Of course that developer needs to wear a special T-shirt, a silly hat, or whatever to be recognized in the documentary as a backer funded developer. Is this cheating? Hell no!
  2. The game is beautiful and funny with an interesting story. Yet I still felt that something was missing and that was the feeling of accomplishment while playing the game. Much like Shay’s world the entire game is much to safe with far too easy missions. I remember being terrified of meeting Nurse Edna or LeChuck when I played those games. Yeah, I got older but in Broken Age even the horrible monster is kind enough to let you solve the puzzle without bothering you. You are never punished, thrown into jail, robbed your items, or forced to replay part of the game. I'm pretty sure that my humble slacker backer donation does not entitle me to expect any more of you guys but if you got any sap left please take this kindly advise: “DJ you know the score we want some f***ing hardcore”
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