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  1. was the sigil the reason given? Yep.Full text is: "Awesome! Its going in the game but will be marked as a bit silly in the game because of the face in your sigil. You can leave it as is or it you can change it to make it more thematically appropriate. Please refer to the FAQ http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/14020/" It's fine, though. I just don't see how a custom face/skull is much different than the provided skull/face. Since Osfulmen (the House name) would, loosely, translate to "Bone-Wielder" from Latin, I figured a skull face would be appropriate. We really need some rules about what's thematically appropriate if it's going to be this exacting. I figured "thematically appropriate" was more along the lines of "Not a Thundercats parody."
  2. I'm going to use my middle name or possibly a surname from my mother or one of my grandparents. They have cooler last names anyways.
  3. I think if you got rid of the crossbows and moved the bird down, then it would be really interesting. I like the X shape that you've got going, but the crossbows really don't add anything to the theme.
  4. I had to e-mail support to get mine. Y'all might want check and make sure that the e-mail distributing program thingy is working properly. It sounds like there's a fair number of people in the relatively small population of folks who post on this board who didn't receive a code.
  5. One thing you could do is work that into the suitability algorithm that you've already got set up. Once you get outside the bounds of the "half your age plus seven" range, then suitability would start to drop by an appropriate level. Though I also like Vaklu's interpretation. edit: though it might be worth doing this just to make sure that the game doesn't keep suggesting that you marry your 16 year old daughter to that 72 year old alchemist.
  6. In any case, I think gameplay would be a lot better served by not using the same six person team for every single fight. Maybe it should take X number of days to get to and from a battlefield? That way you could send out a team, then potentially suffer another incursion while that team is still returning from the battlefield. Very original X-Com like, but shouldn't be (I don't think) terribly difficult to implement.
  7. Of all the things that people could possibly get upset about with this project, I find this particular bit to be the weirdest. My own two cents on the actual subject at hand: I don't know how integral the banner shape is to the UI at this point, but it makes sigil designs a lot harder than if it were something more like a shield shape. Almost everything below the two forks ends up being dead space. In fact, most of the designs I've made end up turning into shield-style designs with the two forks becoming dead space: (Anyone's free to use that skull jester, btw. I really like it, but it's not going to go on my sigil.) Sigil requests/suggestions: The bear is kind of difficult to ID as a bear, especially in any scale other than the original. And if you're going to do a frog, you need to do the whole bullfrog body thing. The existing frog is a little bit Kermit for my tastes. More trees, specifically, more symmetrical trees. And an evergreen would be nice as well. A dog, rather than just a wolf. And a more generic cat face that could stand in for something other than a lion. Raccoons? I like raccoons. More raccoons, please. A non-lightning cloud element would be good. A griffin would be nice. That's pretty classic heraldry. Some other mythical critters would also be fun. Some animal bodies and animals in profile would be good. The faces are difficult to chimerize. Not going to be able to get much of a unicorn out of that horse, for example. Fish that aren't butterfly fish. More animals in general, really. Ocean waves would be nice. There's something that might be a wave in the editor already, but frankly it looks more like a shark's fin. Which is also kind of cool, I guess. A more shield-like shield would be nice. The existing shield looks more like a police badge. One other thing: it would be nice to have a database of sigils that I could see before I submitted mine. That way I could make sure that I'm not the 300th wolf sigil, or that I'm not submitting something that's identical to 12 other sigils. I'd also like to second the request for more weapons. I get that the weapons we've got so far are all from the game mechanics, but most of them just aren't that recognizable from profile. I know what a caberjack looks like, but I'm also following the teamstreams, and am posting on the Massive Chalice message board. Might be that a sword or a knife would be a more useful icon for the more casual fan. I'm also just going to dump a list of animals that I'd potentially want below. This is going to come off a little bit "conversation with a five-year-old", but you asked for it: Mongoose Orca Otter Ferret Tiger Puma Lynx Cassowary Whale Dolphin Triceratops (still paying attention? Yes? But seriously, Triceratops.) Mouse Rabbit Coyote Gorilla Sea Lion Narwhal Kangaroo Badger Prairie Dog Cobra Camel Hummingbird Turtle Horned Beetle Ant Warthog or a Boar, or something with tusks Mastodon Bighorn Goat, with or without jetpack. Moose? Look, you got the Maple Leaf in there already, let's just go all out Canadian in this thing. Beaver. See above. Bat (Someone's going to submit the Wayne family bloodline. You know they are. Might as well help them out.) Kiwi (actually, hold on a second. Yeah, okay, maybe y'all should be in charge of this one.)
  8. It's getting them in the bottle that's the hard part.
  9. Derek Brand on Mnemonic. John Bernhelm looks like the next Brad Muir with Steed. Are y'all going to have to retool here?
  10. I'll Get You Next Time, Tegag, NEXT TIME!!! Reports of an intriguing character have reached us from the Dalgarian Front. There, a knight by the name of Tegad is said to perform miraculous feats in battle, and manages victory at every turn. My lord, this man could be very valuable to our efforts, and could join the ranks of the Hero Lords if half the stories told are true. [After selecting a hero, a check is made on that hero's mental faculties (Wisdom, Intelligence, Wit, etc.).] Check succeeds: "Milord, the Knight Tegad is a buffoon, barely capable of dressing himself without causing harm to himself or those around him. And yet, every engagement with the demons results in victory. I traveled with him for several years, often suspecting that his idiocy was some form of ruse, so sophisticated that I could not glean its purpose. Eventually, I realized that it was not this man who was ultimately responsible for these amazing feats, but his precocious niece, and her preternaturally intelligent hound. Lord, making this man a Hero of the Realm would likely hasten our demise. But if we are clever, the niece may be of great use... [You gain a research credit or a young female Alchemist with high stats] Check fails: "Milord, I am much impressed with the Knight Tegad. He maintains the facade of an idiot, the better to lull his opponents into defeat. I, of course, saw immediately through this ruse, and was able to engage him as an equal on an intellectual plane. He will make a superb addition to your Honor Guard. [You gain a male warrior with terrible stats. The Wit/Int/Wis stat of your investigating hero drops.]
  11. When You Go Chasing Rabbits My lord, a black rabbit has been spotted in the Frost Marsh on the edge of the province of $HeroName. As you well know, rabbits are brown, white, gray, or occasionally mauve, but never black. This is an omen from the gods, and must be investigated immediately. Outcome 1 Hero: With the help of a local tracker, $HeroName was able to locate the rabbit, which bolted through a thicket and into a strange warp in the world. Through this warp, $HeroName could see a strange field lit in alien light; a world which was clearly not our own. Wisely, he kept his distance, and watched as the portal closed. It is best not to interfere with such strange phenomena. [Nothing happens.] Outcome 2: Years pass. Your hero has returned. Curious as it may seem he has not aged a day since he ventured into the Frost Marsh. He tells a strange tale in which pursued the rabbit through a warp in the world, emerging into a land which was clearly not our own. He stepped through the portal, pausing briefly to take in the sight of strange flora and unusual colors, then immediately returned to our world. Upon returning, he found his camp had decayed into scrap and his horse had died. He immediately returned to the Capitol, and discovered that X years had passed, though he had been gone only a moment. Stranger still, $HeroName reports that ever since his travel through the portal, he feels altered: stronger, faster, and more resilient. He has gained a strange power, but at what cost? [$HeroName's stats are increased.] Outcome 3: An old man has appeared at your castle gate. His body wears the marks of a lifetime of combat, scarred and battered. With him is a strong young man (or woman) who he says is his son (or daughter). Bizarrely, he claims to be Sir $HeroName, who left for the Frost Marsh only a year prior. He reports that he chased a rabbit through a magical portal into a realm which was clearly not our own. Upon his passing through, the portal closed behind him, leaving him trapped in this strange world. He discovered that the people there were much like humans, and were fighting their own war against the Demon Horde. However, their struggle was far more desperate. Sir $HeroName joined their fight and became an honored hero in their regiment. He fell in love with a beautiful shield maiden and conceived a child, retiring from the fight to the keep which he had earned through acts of valor and bravery. But the Demon Horde pressed his adopted world hard, and soon they arrived at his castle gates. They ripped down the walls, threw his soldiers from the battlements, dragged his screaming subjects from their homes and tore the shield maiden away from him. As the castle burned around him, he and his son (or daughter) made their last stand in the throne room, ankle deep in the blood of a hundred demons. They killed dozens, and yet, the creatures continued to pour into the keep on an unending tide of horror. As their muscles begin to fatigue, another portal opened right there in the throne room, and $HeroName and his son (or daughter) leapt through, miraculously re-entering our world. There, $HeroName discovered that although he had lived a lifetime in the Otherland, time here had only advanced a day. $HeroName and his son are grief-stricken by their loss, but wish to continue their fight against the Demons in your service. Although $HeroName has aged greatly, and is not the warrior he once was, his son (or daughter) came of age in blood and steel, and is an accomplished fighter. [$HeroName and a randomly generated descendant of $HeroName rejoin your forces.] Outcome 4: Same as 3, except only the son/daughter survived, and tells the story secondhand. Outcome 5: Your hero has been found, lying in a glade, clutching a strange amulet and singing a song which...cannot be retold in proper company. Sir, he is quite mad. Whatever the encounter in the Frost Marsh, it appears to have broken him completely, and he will be of little use to us from here on out. But the properties of this amulet are most intriguing... [You get some sort of amulet! But $HeroName is effectively dead.]
  12. The Chalice must be massive so that it may hold the Emperor's enormous worm-body!
  13. This has bugged me a bit ever since Brad said in one of the videos that his optimum hero team size was about six characters. With numbers like those, you can go about three generations before the kids start popping out with extra parts. I've got a couple of possible solutions. 1. Multiple fronts. Unlike X-com, you shouldn't be able to take a Skyranger with your best troops to the nearest demon infestation. In this system, you would have hero teams stationed at multiple fronts. Ideally, you would see a northern front, a southern front and a home front. These fronts would see different levels of action based on the demon war plan. The homefront would rarely be attacked, and could be staffed with older, aged characters and younger characters who aren't quite ready for front line combat. Additionally, you could have a sort of King's Errand team, a small group of heroes that seeks out strange reports of powerful artifacts and new heroes/bloodlines. These investigations would sometimes initiate combat, or sometimes create a short sort of choose your own adventure. Using this front system, you could field a good 20-24 heroes at a time, which should be enough to maintain reasonable genetic diversity. 2. Realistic Aging. In modern sports, it's rare for athletes to maintain their effectiveness much past the age of 32. Limiting the age where heroes are maximally effective to 8-12 years would allow you to cycle more heroes through, again increasing genetic diversity. You could also set it up so that when heroes did "age gracefully", that they would maintain their skills and strength much longer than a modern athlete, so that some heroes could conceivably remain effective up through their 60's. In that way you could allow scenarios where heroes did get the chance to fight with their own grandparents. Rare, but more effective for that rarity. 3. Just Plain More Heroes Going back to original X-com, the optimum team size was around 8-10. Much smaller than that, and losing more than a single guy could give you serious problems with completing the mission. Once you got larger sizes, you would end up with like 4 squaddies sitting around in the back of the plane, playing poker and getting mind-controlled. One other thing: This is kind of related but from a different direction: what happens if all the heroes of one gender die? I've definitely had a few Amazon squads in the new X-com, some of which stayed all-female for a very long time.
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