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  1. When i backed the game I didnt know how great this documentary would be. I would seriously pay 20 dollars a month to subscribe to this documentary forever.
  2. Thats right Cleft, they have no idea what they are talking about because this is new territory. Having tons of experience developing games with a publisher providing a cushy fallback makes you depentant, which make you lazy and ineffective in a sense. Whatever the endevour is, if you are trying to become independant there is always a learning curve with the extra responsibility.
  3. It's just ridiculous for anyone, who hasn't developed a game that is crowd funded, to voice their opinion whether it is viable or not. Of course it is great that someone is trying. And of course it will be a bumpy road when you're trying something new for the first time. especially with something that is near impossible to know the scale of since it's a creative endeavor. There is a learning curve with this sort of thing and it will get better on future projects. I, for one, am forever thankful to Tim for giving me and others like me the opportunity to have a say in what kind of game will be made. As opposed to publishers who tell me which game i should play.
  4. The sun explodes before Steam early access
  5. Well you could make a seperate episode that contains the most important parts of previous episodes which explain your case. This way the series remain un-cheapened. 2PP can still sell sell it when it's done, backers will still be happy for the exclusivity promised, and nothing will make us happier then getting the DF name cleared even if it's mostly ignorant people who don't know what they are talking about.
  6. Thanks for clarifying, I must have missed that. But with that in mind, there are many possible angles to "rites of passage" in a persons life. Puberty is only one of those. It just makes it harder to identify with the character when it's specifically a kid in that age. I actually just thought of an example where that does work and that is Harry Potter. Then again i never was a fan of Harry Potter for this very reason.
  7. Psychonauts had even younger kids. DoTT had kids. Mi2 sorta had kids. I didn't play psychonauts but in mi2 and dott you didnt get the sense they were kids, reguardless of what the character design description was. Guybrush could have been anything from 20-40 yrs. That works so much better since it allows the user to indentify the character with whatever he prefers.
  8. Interesting that the main characters are kids. What is the reasoning behind that? I don't want to seem criticizing but not even kids want to play kids
  9. Making the game in "episodes" seemed to work for Teltale. However Broken Age wasn't designed with that in mind and that makes me concerned the first part will end abruptly. Tales of monkey Island was designed to be in 5 episodes and every episode always ended on a note. Will you be able to make that happen?
  10. I don't think the most important part of a name is that it is descriptive but rather that it has an impact when you hear it as long it isn't completely out of place of course. I think Massive Chalice is a great name. Grim Fandango isn't very descriptive and most people don't really know what it means, yet it's a really great name because it hits hard and just feels right. Day of the Tentacle is also a really good name because it's has character. The fact that it's also very relevant to the content of the game is just a bonus. Thats just it, if the name is descriptive of the content is secondary. A little mystery in the name is also interesting. I this these names do that: Kindred trails Divided Trails Kindred Odessey
  11. Chris just make a kickstarter to raise the funds for a backer store. Well pay you to sell us the T-shirts. How is that not win-win?
  12. Its too plain and lacks character. Double fine adventure was better but i see how its cant be called that. But how about double adventure? I really liked "kindred odyssey"
  13. I think it looks so much better without rim. Does that mean I'm crazy?
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